Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What's Right For You

What is "porn?" When did porn become porn?

Most folks would say they know when they see it. Some folks consider it bad. Though, I suspect many of those same people view it - at least from time to time.

But is porn bad? Maybe. For some. But, I'm of the mind that it can actually be good and do good. It can help us discover ourselves, our likes and dislikes when it comes to sexual activity. And, oh, my! what a vast variety of sexual positions and activity there is! It's as varied as our imaginations allow.

That's not to say there aren't some downsides to imbibing. There are. For instance, if you begin to blur the fantasy that is porn with reality. Those are actors being directed.

Those actors do not depict the reality when it comes to our bodies, either. Perfect and unblemished? The average woman isn't perfectly shaped, the average guy doesn't have a eight or ten-inch cock. And, many times, neither do those actors; it's camera angles and lighting and semi hard-on's which make their cocks appear that large.

Give this Healthline article, "Is Porn Bad?" a read. Particularly if you are beginning to wonder about your own viewing habits. As the author indicates, "Porn, like so many things, is a very individual, very personal thing. You decide what's right for you."

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Erections and Ejaculations

From the Mail Bag:

"Our 14 year old has shown no signs of masterbation or even wet dreams. My wife syas she's seen no bed linens, towels, or socks with dried semen. My wife wants me to talk to him to make sure everything is ok because she read an article and thinks maybe he's not able to shoot. All ready she's worried she won't be a grandmother some day. I say he'll ask when he's ready."

The win goes to your wife. Oh, sure, it may be that he's jacking off in the bathroom, in the shower. Or he's cleaning up with tissues or paper towels.

It may also be that he's an extraordinarily late bloomer. But you won't know - and neither will he - if you don't broach the subject of his genital health.
First off, you need to make sure his cock gets hard. Ask if, or how often, he wakes with morning wood. You can slip into his room in the morning to check on that if he can't/won't answer. Does he sprout spontaneous boners? Erections, or the lack thereof, is a critical sign.

No hard-ons? Time to see his doctor.
If the answer is yes, ask if he's ever had an ejaculation. If the answer is yes, then all is well - let him enjoy himself the way he wants. Though, you really should let him know he doesn't need to hide the fact.

If the answer is no, it is time to see his doctor. Retrograde ejaculation isn't life threatening, and there is no treatment for it (that I'm aware of, anyway). But to know the issue is to be better able to deal with it when he's into a serious relationship and wants to sire children. IVF is possible but is expensive, and would be doubly so for guys who can't shoot when they cum. Sperm must be extracted with a syringe. The procedure is done either in an office under local anesthesia, or in an operating room under general.

Your wife may be relieved to have that information. But, your son deserves to know what he's facing - if he indeed is having erection or ejaculation issues.

Monday, July 29, 2019

More Than the Usual Body Parts

I suspect most men are too timid to write about their cocks. Lord knows they don't want to talk about them, not with their friends, their lovers, or their doctors. Exactly what they are afraid of is beyond me, but there we have it.

That might explain why so many of the articles I come across about men's sexual health are written by women. It seems to always be the ladies who are looking out for us guys and our well-being, doesn't it?
The latest comes from Tiffany LaForge, professional chef, and foodie blogger, via Healthline: "8 Penis-friendly Foods..." proving, once again, that what we eat can affect more than the usual body parts.

For instance, you may want to thank your mom for making you eat that Oatmeal. Seems she was helping ensure you get better boners. The Amino Acids in oats help to relax blood vessels - lending a boost to the strength of your erections.

Men who eat spicy foods are found to have increased libido. Capsacin in Chili peppers trigger endorphins which can add to the pleasure and sense of release with an orgasm.

So, ladies, we thank you for keeping us guys more informed about our cocks.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Be Cautious

An horrific record-breaking heatwave is settling over all of Europe - for the second time in several weeks. I hope all of my readers there will stay safe and find a way to stay cool.

The threatened rains and winds never showed here. Just clouds passing overhead, but it kept the temperatures down to a mere 103F. The pool stayed swim-able, so I spent my time lounging again.

A reader asked about cock rings - metal ones in particular. They are lovely as adornment, unless they also encircle the balls. To avoid permanent injury, cock-only ones should never be used with an erection for longer than 30 minutes.

Another reader asked about generic for Cialis. Yes, generics are available now. That is why internet companies like HIMS are advertising Sildenafil at $30.00 US. Is that cheaper than the brand names (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra)? I'm not sure, but it might be worth looking into because their Cialis generic is offered at $240.00 US.

Though, I must - again - add a cautionary warning about using these drugs if you don't really need them. Our boners vary in strength. Some days we may be hard as nails, the next day not so much but still hard enough for penetrative activities.

These are your cocks, guys. You only get one. We all want to enjoy them as much as we possibly can, but we want to enjoy them as far into life as we can, too. Keep your cock healthy.
Enjoy it but
be cautious.