Friday, August 30, 2013

(En)JO(y) Your Dick

I got an email from a Faithful Reader, who asked how he could get back to the times when jacking off was something exciting. Something special. Now, his is a special case because he still resides with his parents. He doesn't have the freedom when he pops wood, to drop trou, and have at it. Even in his bed at night doesn't provide much opportunity for fear he'll be heard or found out.

That appendage, hanging there between your legs was made to function in a manner meant to provide pleasure. We are meant to ENJOY it; it's that sensation of pleasure that keeps the population growing faster than our peckers would bone up when we were young.

When was the last time you kicked back and really put the Y back into JO? Like any other sexual activity, whacking off can come to seem ... uneventful, boring; something you do to relieve a case of the hornies. And, we all go through periods where things, even trivialities, take our attentions away from our dicks and we ignore them. Well, it's the purpose of this blog to entertain while getting you to take proper care of that package in your pants. But, it's also to help you enjoy that package. Now, if your typical MO to JO is wrapping a fist around the shaft and stroking to pound out a load ... don't do that.

Change things up a bit.

Stand in front of a mirror and watch your cock slide through your hand. Or, maybe put together a make-shift masturbation sleeve: A large zip-lock baggie, closed, with a corner cut out just large enough to poke your pecker in. Lube up (even plain old cooking oil does the trick), and slide the baggie over your boner. Now you can place your cock between a couple of pillows, or the cushions of the couch, or even the mattress and box springs of your bed and thrust as you were fucking some hot-looker you ran into on the nude beach. Or, go to a secluded wooded area, or high-grass field, drop trou, and truly (en)jo(y) your dick for a change.

Do yourself a favor. Take an hour or two (or more!) for yourself. Tell the spouse, partner, significant other, or whomever it is you share a domicile, you just need a little time to yourself. Send them out on a trumped up shopping trip, or to see a movie you know they'd like but you have no interest in; just get them out of your hair for a few hours. If they won't leave, tell them to leave you alone, go into the bedroom, shut the door, and get naked.

Take the time to rediscover the sensations and sensuousness of your body. To cum doesn't have to be your goal - but if it winds up happening, consider it a great bonus! Lie back and lightly run your hands over every inch you can easily and comfortably reach; your stomach, abs, chest, inner thighs, sides, nape of your neck and throat, your whole face. Massage your balls and peineum, wet your index finger and trace the ridge of your cockhead, tickle the frenulum - that little stretch of skin on the underside. Run a wet fingertip in circles around your nipples. Suck on your fingers while you play with your cock.

Pay attention to each and every sensation on each and every inch that you touch. Revel in the feeling. Be aware that your cock is rip-roaring hard and throbbing, that your nipples are hard, that the pre-cum is dripping and creating a pool of warm, slippery liquid. Run the head of your dick through it.

If you decide you need, or want, to cum, pay attention to it. Know that it's happening and how good it can feel. Be aware of the gathering engorgement of your erection, the lifting of your nuts, sense each sudden enlargement and spasm of the cock shaft and prostate as it sends spurts of hot jizz rocketing up through the shaft. Follow the sensation each time it blasts up through the head and shoots free. Feel the hot wetness of it as it splatters across your body.

As the geysers of cum subside to a slow flow, keep slowly stroking up and down. Note the slippery feel of the skin on the shaft as your hand slides over your hard-on. Cup and gently massage your balls as they lower back down. As your boner begins to wilt, don't clean up. Lie there. Enjoy the release of tension, the heightened sensitivity of your body. Slide the head of your dick back and forth, playing in the warm pools of cum. 

Then just lie there and relax.

That's putting the Y back into JO. That's (en)jo(ying) your dick.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Rising Barometer

It wasn't until some time in the 1990's that medicine began to discover what all those boners were about. And it was from that discovery they learned that we guys have a built-in barometer: Our cocks. In meteorology, a rising barometer is a sign of a high pressure system moving in - typically meaning clear, sunny weather ahead. In men, it's a sign of high pressure moving into our pricks - typically meaning a good time ahead.

Barring any major medical, such as prostatectomy (and even now, some surgeons are able to successfully spare the nerve bundle), your cock is your personal barometer of overall health. Getting good, solid, rock-hard erections?

Chances are, you're in pretty good shape.

Winning a cooked pasta contest with your cock?

Well, that could be a signal there's something wrong - and not necessarily with your willy. Diabetes, high blood pressure, any number of health issues may be lurking. My own flagging pole - though I didn't know it at the time - was trying to tell me something was amiss. Even when we know we're ill, with a cold or the flu, say, our dicks can get knocked into the dirt about as fast as getting a kick in the balls during a pick-up game.

It's important to know what the underlying issue might be. Chronic dick dysfunction can lead to depression, which only serves to exacerbate the problem.

Pay attention to your pecker - it's always talking to you. You simply need to listen.

So, how about it? Is your Barometer rising?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Encourage (Cock) Embracement

My, what different experiences we've all had, as expressed in the comments and messages about yesterday's post. Guys growing up together in the same household, perhaps even sharing a bedroom and the way nudity and the functioning of our cocks was dealt with were so completely varied. As males, we have the same equipment and the physiological functioning is the same, yet a portion of society accepted (accepts) and embraced (embraces) it...

... while the rest denied and hid it.

No matter what triggers that response:

Daytime ...

or nighttime ...
blood oxygen boners

 ... be it women ...

 ... men ... 

... both ...

... or neither ...

It's a given that, barring medical issues, this ...

does this ....

The sooner society openly accepts and embraces the functioning, the better. And my wish is that all men will no longer have to hide the fact they have a cock and how (or why) it works...

Because let's face it ...
(Lol ... Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Brother Wood

The other day, blogger buddy Steve, over at All Natural and More, did a post I found intriguing. A young man had written to Yahoo Questions (here, lifted from Steve's blog):

Resolved Question 
Is it okay to do with my bro's?!?

I'm 17 and at home I have one big bedroom which I share with my older brothers who are 18, 19 and 21 years old (we have four beds in one room). Anyway since we're always together, it's hard to keep privacy when we're changing or showering and stuff, so we just go naked around each other.
And a lot of times, we get to compare with each other. A couple of times, my brothers and I woke up around the same time and we used the bathroom together to brush our teeth and we would be naked the whole time. We would still have erections from waking up, and my brothers would notice, and we'd start comparing. We'd stand side by side and compare lengths, how we look down there, and even if the other curves. From all this, I learned that my 21 and 19 year old bros have the same length and are bigger than me, while me and my 18 year old brother have the same length when we're hard.

Besides, all of us sleep naked at night so we really get to see each other naked, and since we're all guys it's no big deal. In the morning, our dad would sometimes come in and wake us and our blankets would be on the floor or not covering us, and since we sleep nude, our dad gets to see our morning wood when he comes in our room. But we don't mind if our dad sees us naked even if we have erections. My brothers and I would even walk around the room completely naked even if we have morning erections, and we've seen each other masturbating before (since we share a room, we just decided not to hide it, and just do it in the open even if the other can see. Sometimes, I'd be on my bed and I'd look over and see my brother jerking off on his bed, and I wouldn't mind. And if I felt like it, I'd just take my boxers off and start jerking off if I want to even if my three bros are in the room. We all masturbate anyway, so it's not weird to know that the other does it too. We also get to compare while jerking off sometimes). Since it's just us brothers and our dad (our parents are separated), we even walk around the house in the nude. Sometimes I'd walk to our hallway to get to the bathroom and I'd be naked with a hard-on, and I'd pass my dad and he'd see my erection but he doesn't mind since he's since us naked loads of times.

Sometimes when we're having breakfast with our dad in the kitchen, then one of my brothers would go downstairs completely naked and he'd have an erection from waking up, and he'd just join us at the table like it's nothing! We don't really care about seeing each others' penises since we're all boys in the house, and will we have the same packaging down there! Is this normal to you?!

As usual, my opinion regarding the subject is that there's absolutely nothing wrong in being that open and honest about the male anatomy. (If you want to see the Best Answer, which was pretty much spot on, chosen by readers, go to Steve's blog HERE or use his link in the sidebar ---->)

The thing that is missing, that could have allayed the young man's fears, is the father having an honest and open discussion with his sons. He's taken the easy way out by simply not commenting in any way. Sure, it's more (and better) than some fathers do. But he missed the boat, so to speak, if a son felt the need to ask an internet forum if it's normal for brothers to see one another's boners, compare cock size, and jerk off together.

Years ago, a psychologist acquaintance of mine, told me that not only is it very common for brothers to jerk off together, it's very common for brothers to indulge in mutual jack off as well.

And, as evidenced by the Visconti brothers, a blow job here and there isn't all that unusual either!

My brother and I used to jack off together...
...and stroke one another's boners...

 ...until we shot our loads... 

 ...every chance we got, so I can attest it's okay and perfectly normal. And it's even particularly more prevalent if (as happened in this case) they grew up sharing the same bedroom.

(If you'd like to read all the answers posted to this young man's question, click here. Though Steve has a link as well and you might enjoy perusing his blog, he's always got some hot posts!)