Friday, April 29, 2022

Not a Word


"I've been following your blog for a couple of years now. As a woman I can't tell you how much I've learned about guys. Thanks for supplying such great information. I recently told my brother he should log on and read because during a talk he admitted he's strictly solo. He doesn't even date and insists he's not one of those incel guys. He just prefers jerking off. The problem is our parents bug him about getting married and having kids and then they whine to me that it's not happening. I'm getting fed up with listening to them and want to explain the situation but don't really know how. Any suggestions?"

My first and biggest suggestion is: Don't.

Not a word.

If your brother ever decides to tell them, he will. Though, in all reality, it's none of their business what he does with his cock. Beside that, you never know - someday he may change his mind about partner sex.

I once had a good friend say, "Jacking off is really the best because no one can do you like you do you." But that isn't necessarily 100% accurate, either. Humans are pretty good at learning. If you can teach someone how to, I don't know...say, type or play piano, you can certainly teach someone how to handle a hard-on.

What you may want to do, instead, is tell him to read the posts here on mutual masturbation. Sex therapists prescribe it for couples as a means of learning what their partner likes, what feels good to them, what leaves them satisfied. But the core lesson is learning how to communicate those things. If he is with an understanding partner, someone who is GGG (as Dan Savage says)  Good, Giving, and Game), he just might move past solo masturbation.

But, beyond that, there are a whole lot of people who really do prefer jacking off. They've explored other activities and decided that, for them, going solo is the right fit. Who are we to argue?

Solo provides the opportunity to make it last as long as we want, 

or to make it as quick as might be necessary in the moment by providing the stimulation precisely where, how, and when we desire it.

I seriously suggest you keep what your brother told you in confidence to yourself and leave your parents out of it. Shrug it off, change the subject, or just flat out tell them you don't want to discuss your brother's status.

Can anyone get hold of Gabriel and let him know of the Comment issues with his blog?

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Quite As Stiff


How important is a functioning cock to a guy?

I mean beyond being able to take a leak; not being able to do that can kill you.

While not being able to get a boner won't kill you, it is a health issue physically...especially over the long term by increasing the risk of prostate cancer.

It can also signal underlying conditions. But it's a mental issue as well.

Men can become seriously depressed at the lack of erections. As a friend of mine recently stated during a conversation about how young guys get hard at the drop of a hat, "God, I miss that."

You know, the spontaneous ones,

The ones we tried so desperately to hide when we were in the throes of puberty. Once we've passed puberty the boners stop popping up every couple of hours, and we don't pay much mind until....

Until we notice the ones we do get, just don't get quite as stiff as they used to.

 Both the mental health and medical communities are well aware of the importance men place on their cocks. If you're dealing with an uncooperative cock, don't be afraid or too embarrassed to seek out medical attention or mental health assistance.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022



"I'm in college and seeing a really great girl and having great sex but between the cost of condoms I can't afford to keep buying cuz there more expensive I'm allergic to latex is causing lots of trouble in our paradise. Ideas?"

Non-latex condoms are more expensive than regular.

But there are alternatives. There are toys and hands for mutual masturbation

there's oral

and enough variations of frottage to keep you entertained.

Always bear in mind that precum can contain sperm. If either of you touch your slippery cock, keep the hands away from her crotch.

If that type of activity becomes tedious - in other words, you both really miss the feel of penetration, you could always have a box of condoms on hand to use sparingly.

In a pinch though, people have recommended Saran Wrap. You know, that old kitchen standby for covering things? From Daily Nexus, at the University of California Santa Barbara, it's number one on the satirical list of Top 7 Household Items to Use as Back-up Condoms.

"This one always seems like the best option, but the only problem is it can be sometimes rather difficult to gauge how much you’ll need. Put on too much and you either have to toss some out and waste it or have so much on that you can’t feel anything. Put on too little and you have to pull off another piece and worry about the two sheets not sticking together. Word of advice: measure twice, cut once!"

Satirical the article may be, but plastic wrap can work. It's cheap. You can buy an entire roll for the price of a few singly-packed condoms. Doing a few test runs on your own would probably be smart. Though, I don't think the stuff works very well. It doesn't quite cling to the skin the way you'd want a condom to, and slippage could be a real problem.

Try Press and Seal, instead. It's a bit more expensive than the standard plastic wrap but worth it. The light adhesive will stick to your shaft but won't tear up the skin when you remove it. 

 Don't forget to leave a little room at the head for cum just like a normal condom.
(Note: Do not squeeze out the air or the plastic will seal itself off.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Allergies Part II


Well, it appears Blogger is at it again. It seems I'm unable to leave comments at some blogs. Six's, for instance, would only allow me to leave it as Anonymous; every other option was greyed out. Gabriel's won't allow me to comment at all - just keeps sending me in circles telling me to "Sign in to Google" when, obviously, I'm already signed in. Larry's required me to use my name and the UR for this blog. Xersex's treated me the same. Oy. 

When researching Friday's post on semen allergy, it led me to even more weirdness on the subject.

Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrom (POIS) can affect some people in even more insidious ways. Whereas we can become allergic to our own or someone else's cum, these symptoms are strictly of our own body's reaction to the orgasm --- whether our skin is in direct contact with cum or not. According to the POIS report at NIH-National Library of Medicine, the symptoms can cause men to avoid even masturbation.

Patients with POIS "reported a rapid onset of flu-like symptoms, such as feverishness, extreme fatigue, and burning eyes after ejaculation followed by more cognitive disturbances such as concentration difficulties and particularly an irritated mood (). These symptoms disappeared after 3 to 7 days. However, all these complaints returned in the same severity after they ejaculated again. As a result, they refrained from sexual activity in order to avoid to becoming ill again. "

The rapid onset of symptoms led researchers to suspect an immunological problem.

"As the symptoms of POIS occurred rather immediately after ejaculation Waldinger and Schweitzer () postulated that POIS was caused by an immunological process, as only the immune system is capable of inducing very rapid and serious physical and mental symptoms."

Though there is no cure, there appears to be available treatment. According to Science Direct (citing the above report),

"Treatment recommendations have included antihistamines, benzodiazepines, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and CNS stimulants."

They then expounded:

"We here report a new successful treatment of POIS by raising the serum testosterone ... via subcutaneous injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)." 

Or, just like treating the skin allergy: Injections of semen. But the only drawback here is the treatment must continue or symptoms will return.

No one wants to be miserable after an orgasm. And not ejaculating increases the risk of prostate cancer.
If you experience any of the above symptoms after sex, go see your doctor.
And get back to the happy place.