Monday, January 31, 2022

Who Likes Satire?


Who likes satire?

I saw this clip from 2012 and decided it would be fun to add to the

Monday Giggles.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Fine Operational Order

 It appears to be a week of wood worries.

"I have three brothers all older then me. we always had a pretty good relationships because they were so easy to talk to. when I was hitting puberty my one brother one night heard me swear in bed. he asked what the matter was and I said it won't leave me alone. he laughed but then told me to jerk off. that night he taught me and said I might as well get used to it because my dick would never stop. Im 22 now and it must be true because I swear its always hard. was he right does this ever stop?"

First, a big Bravo! to your brother for stepping to the plate. 

As for the boners, he taught you what to do about them.

He didn't steer you wrong about the constant boners. Not really.

Cocks do not care where you are or what you're doing. At your age, they'll get hard at the drop of a hat, any time, any place.

It sounds as if your hormone levels haven't evened out. But they will, eventually.

In the meantime, be glad you get those erections. It's proof everything is in fine operational order.

And, someday in the future you'll wish your cock would get hard more often.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

It's Free


"How important is morning wood? I can get hard in seconds if I'm with someone but I haven't woken up with a solid boner in weeks."

All erections point to overall health. Boners are your personal health barometer. But morning wood can say a lot about nerve connection, blood flow, and hormone level. According to ro health guide, a man should wake up with an erection at least two or three times per week.

If you aren't but you can still get hard for sex...well, it may not be cause for immediate concern. But you should still keep an eye on the frequency. 

Or lack thereof.

Here's a decent way track them and know whether it's time to go see your doctor: there's an app (because of course there is) to help you do just that. It's developed by Roman, the online purveyor of Viagra. and available through the Apple Store, Morning Glory Tracker 

"Morning Glory is the first ever app to help men track their morning erections. Created by the team behind men’s health startup Roman, Morning Glory uses GIFs and erectile facts to encourage guys to log whether they woke up with morning wood, and celebrate having a “boner streak.”"

It even has an alarm to remind you to log your morning log. So it doesn't get tedious, they make it entertaining.

Get the app. Did I mention it's free. And tracking those boners could actually help.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022



"Could you talk about penis size, and how it affects relationships?

First of all, I don't like labels, because I take love above all else. But if it's easier to understand, I'm between gay and bi.

I would like to find a boyfriend/girlfriend (but of course, the preference is for a boyfriend). In this relationship, I would like to be the active one, but I have a 16-17 cm penis and I don't know if that's enough.
I know that the average adult erect penis in Brazil is 13-14 cm and that I would be "above average", but I still feel insecure. What do I do?"

Size doesn't affect relationships. Not when it's a true relationship. A random hook-up might consider size an issue, but establishing a real connection with someone --- male or female --- really won't.

At close to 25.4cm (10in), my brother had many women tell him "No way!" when they got a look at his hard-on. Then he met his future wife. She wasn't concerned with size at all.

If, by "active one," you mean you want to be the one who penetrates (tops), your length is fine. It will easily reach the prostate to stimulate a partner.

Of course, there will always be what are known as "size queens," people who think bigger is better. Unless you have what the medical community considers a "micro penis" (under 2in when hard), there's no problem. At 16cm --- 6.3in --- you have plenty to work with.

Forget about the size of your cock.

Instead, learn how to use it. There's truth to the old saying, "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean."

Learn what stimulation a partner likes and provide it.