Friday, June 28, 2019

No Clue

Imagine being 24, in college, and no idea about sex. Not even the simple basics of human anatomy and function. In this New York Times article, "Late Bloomer Learning About Birds and Bees in College," sent by Faithful Reader Jean, Eli Reiter details his struggle to learn what many have known for years. (You'll need a free account to read, but it's easy to sign up. Free accounts get you 9 articles per month, I think.)

Many of us had/have parents who won't instruct us, we learn(ed) the basics (maybe) in school or on the street from friends. Eli grew up in Jewish Orthodoxy, went to yeshiva and had no access to the internet, and was lucky to have had a television, something his friends didn't even have.
Imagine going through the teen years having no understanding at all about your body; aching balls and boners that won't quit. 

 Imagine being mid-20's and still not knowing anything about spontaneous hard-ons, morning wood, balls and boners, or ejaculations.

 I find it sad that there are still young people out there who have no clue.
Eli was very brave to have told his story.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Worth the Time

I love it when readers send questions.
From the Mail Bag:

"I hope you're feeling well today.  Ive texted you before with questions on how to organize a JO group here in my area.  While that plan never did pan out (super thanks anyway for your help), I was able to find a JO buddy online.  We meet about twice a month to slap it around together.  We also like to do guided meditation to help with our anxiety problems.  Do you know where we might be able to find online guided meditations for men where mindful masturbation is the main focus?  Thank for any and all leads you may have.  Thanx also for your time." - Chris

Good to hear from you. And excellent to hear you found a guy to bate with - a buddy only enhances the experience.

The first place to look for guided mindful masturbation is here: BatorBlog. Bruce is considered one oft he most informed on the subject. He's got videos that guide. You might also check out Body Electric. There are also Body Electric Groups on MeetUp - people who've attended and want to keep/get in touch with others.
There are also Masturbation videos available on Amazon that you might find helpful.

The thing to remember is that the purpose of Mindful Masturbation is to take time to explore, find the stimulation which brings different levels of pleasure, to recognize them, to utilize them to the fullest. It's the journey to ejaculation, not the ejaculation itself.

Though, when you do cum, you'll find it was all well worth the time. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Happy Mid-week

Speaking of humorous.... It's been a while. Happy mid-week!
Kum & Go? "Is that like fuck 'em and leave 'em?"


Tell us what you really want for lunch

Hm.... Should I?

Perfected mind control

"Dick, if you're here with us, give us a sign."
Guess Gregory isn't going to be healed. Neither will any person I know!

Trunk competition

What a disappointment. Haven't come across anyone wearing these, yet.

You think I'd tell anyone and have to share?

The bike ride break

Oh, sorry, I didn't notice my dick was hanging out.
I asked Readers to come up with a caption for this one, and Adam nailed it with appropriate humor!
"Even while Mike was holding on for dear life with his left hand, his right hand was busy dealing with a big whack attack."

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

An Interview

I've read articles - too many, probably - about prostate issues. But, if I don't read, how can I keep you all informed on the latest stuff? 😉
The new AARP magazine came in and there's a wonderful article, written by Clint Carter, that is not only informative but a bit cheeky and funny. (Well, I found it funny, anyway.) Plus, a little bit of humor helps us better ingest information.

Now, there's not much we can do to cease the growth. And, of course, experts tell us guys that if we live long enough we will develop prostate cancer. Then, there's the issue of prostatitis - an inflammation or infection of the prostate. But experts also tell us we can stave off those issues to a degree by more frequent ejaculations.

If any of you men out there needed an excuse.... If you need to convince your partner/spouse, point to the medical experts who, in addition to partner sex, 

encourage us to masturbate regularly for prostate health.

Then go enjoy some "me time."