Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ghosties and Ghoulies

Happy Hallowe'enie!

Make yours happy today.

If you go out looking for tricks or treats 

play safe.

Don't let the ghosties and ghoulies come out of your television
and get you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Maybe More Guys

The Mail Bag brings a response to Monday's post:

"Except for the part about being a stringbean that post could of been written about me. That dude is perfectly fine in my opinion. I enjoy the hell out of sex clubs and just like other guys I enjoy jerking off. I used to stroke a load as soon as I got home from school and shoot another one at night to sleep. Hell yes I run one off in the men's room once in a while. So what It helps me release tension and get back to work. If the work day goes by I'll jack off when as soon as I get home. It doesn't interfere with my hobbies. Maybe my dick is my hobby. ... - J"

That's a good example of the flip side. Just a normal, healthy libido. And a good attitude when it comes to masturbation. At that age, there might not be anything wrong with your cock being your hobby.

Maybe more guys should make their cocks one of their hobbies. There would probably be a lot less tension and conflict in the world.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Glorious Things

Being awakened several times during the night with cramping is not fun at all. They can be so tight as to make me throw off the covers and leap from the bed, trying to stifle any hollering in pain so as not to wake my wife. Last night was no exception...but the instant the cramp released I noticed something never experienced before.

Erections are glorious things for a guy.

 Maybe that's why waking the morning with one is sometimes referred to as Morning Glory. 

Nighttime boners are a common occurrence for guys. We'll develop as many as eleven, lasting anywhere from a few moments to half an hour. As a general rule, we sleep right through them.

Guys, if you rouse to consciousness during the night, do you notice if your cock is hard? 

If so, what do you do?

Monday, October 28, 2019

When Too Much Is Not Enough

I've posted about sexual addiction before, but never had anyone write to me about it.
From the Mail Bag;
"I'm not even sure where to begin. My son is 27 and in a white collar profession so ti's not like he's dumb. When he was 17 he was a string bean with no signs of maturing. Because of pituitary issues his body grew taller but he didn't "fill out" he had no pubes a micro penis and tiny balls. Now I wonder if the treatment for that has caused him to be oversexed. I mean if I had as much sex as he is I think my dick or balls would fall off, shit maybe both!
His best friend and roommate told me on the QT that when my son isn't out hunting to get laid he's at home jerking off. He says my son goes to a swinger sex club, gets his nuts off, and then goes right next door to the men only sex club for more every weekend now. Evidently he leaves the house on Friday nights and doesn't return until Sunday ... He's gone to these sex clubs with my son a few times and he says it's like my son is a cum machine. He shoots pretty much the same amount no matter how often he cums and between the two clubs he cums as many as eight to ten times. ...
I took my son out for a beer. He denied everything but after some solid "dad nudging" admitted it all. He said that he even sneaks to the men's room at work during the day to run one off. He says he can't help it, he's just that horny all the time. I'm concerned for his health. He's being safe because both sex clubs have a condom rule. But I still think this is a problem.

Wow. The number of sexual partners he must have in a week's time isn't good, regardless of the condoms. When too much is not enough there is something wrong. It sounds like he's pretty much lost control of his life. This will get in the way of any serious relationship(s) he may want to foster. Eventually, it may get in the way of his career. When that happens, he's a walking billboard for sexual addiction.

If his body is producing that much semen, and he's got a near-constant hard-on, it sounds like a chemical imbalance. I'd push him (not encourage, push; use that "dad nudge") to see the same endocrinologist who treated his earlier problem. I know there are medications which can bring all sexual drive to a screeching halt. While I'm sure your son doesn't want to be chemically castrated, there may be a dosage that might bring things down to manageable levels.

Any suggestions, Readers?