Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Reality Is


We let ourselves get body shamed by what we're told and shown.  Magazines, films, TV - even in commercials - we're told what beauty is; we should look like, or strive to look like; what others want to see.

That the odd man out - the one with "love handles" - should be less desirable.

And porn tells us that the size of the cock is the ultimate test in matters of desirability.

That younger and six-pack abs means better. That's why so much of what we find and see is

Truth is....

...like the commercial for PD (Peyronies Disease) says, "Guys come in all shapes and sizes." And ages.

And without the "fluffing" and camera angles that go on with even the majority of selfie dick pics

reality is:

Monday, January 30, 2023

At Least


The body check went fine. 

However, the Cologuard results.... There is now a colonoscopy in my not-too-distant future. Ugh, how I hate the prep. There has got to be an easier way.

Let's find something to laugh about...or at least bring a smile.

See what they did there?

Friday, January 27, 2023

Body Check


As I announced earlier in the week, today is the full body-check.

If I'm not able to post when I get home...

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

All Shapes and Sizes


It's awards season. Seems interest in these is waning among the general populace. But interest in the products the awards are meant to promote is not. 'Cause, that's what the awards are all about, really. Promoting the films and TV shows, not necessarily the actors.

That's something even some of the actors seem to forget. (I'm looking at you Kate Blanchett, for your "acceptance" speech at the Critics Choice Awards.)

But there's one actor this year who, I hope, will finally get his due.

Brendan Fraser has been to hell and and back and survived. Numerous surgeries, the death of his mother, the dissolution of his marriage, and --- worst of all --- sexual assault backstage by the then-CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (presenters of the Golden Globes). Fraser reported it. Nothing was done. The organization never even apologized.

Fraser's star turn in The Whale, playing a gay man who has been so ashamed in his sexuality that he hid behind food, is amazing. That the man could come back from being sexually assaulted by a gay man and then play a gay man is nothing short of astonishing.

There is no excuse for shaming over someone's sexual orientation. When it comes to acting in theatre, film, or TV, a gay man can play straight (they did it for decades in Hollywood), a straight man can play gay.

The Kinsey Scale should be proof enough for that.

There should be no room for body shaming, either.

We come in all body shapes and sizes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023



Yesterday was a precursor of more to come. The only doctors I saw from 2019 until yesterday were for the eye. Now, it's time to follow my own advice and get the long-delayed inspections. Friday will find me back at the Dermatologist for a full body check.

And, yep, she checks The Bits, too.

Anyone who spends the Summer months as I do...

needs that.