Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nothin' but Candy

Well, for some reason, I'm again sitting here with nothing but dust bunnies in my brain. Consequently, I've got nothing to give you but some eye candy. Hope that'll suffice until my brain begins to work as well as my cock!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Slick Dick

Leakage, man lube, pre-jac, pre-cum. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s purpose is threefold. I bring this up because a recent forum post (with accompanying Poll) begged the question as to the typical amount or if many guys preferred supplementing their jack off sessions with a lubricant. The original poster also stated he wasn’t quite sure what purpose pre-cum served, but guessed it was to neutralize acidic properties. Well, he was partially correct.

Pre-ejaculate is for neutralizing the acidic residual traces of urine in the urethra, creating a more favorable environment for the passage of sperm. The vagina is normally acidic, so the deposit of pre-jizz before the emission of semen may assist in the change of vaginal environment to promote sperm survival.

Pre-cum also acts as a coagulant (known as ‘viscosity’ in semen fertility tests) which thickens the cum, making it cling to the vaginal and uterine walls to lengthen the viable time for fertilization. Men who do not produce any noticeable amount of pre-ejaculate beyond what is needed to neutralize the urethra are often benefited by actively exercising the pubococcygeus (there’re those Kegel muscles again!), releasing a small amount of seminal fluid before the full-blown blast of ball batter.

It also functions as a lubricant to assist in penetration. And, of course, lube adds a new dimension when you’re whacking off. Some guys (as mentioned above) need additional lube or the result can mean raw, reddened, and/or sore meat. I know, I know – lot’s of guys like dry-jacking. I do it myself quite often, but I’m also one of those men who’s pre-cum flows like the Mississippi; it usually starts before I even get a hard-on. And the sensation of a slicked-up hand really adds to the pleasure.

There are plenty of household items that are quite commonly used: Albolene (a moisturizing make-up remover) is quite popular, as is baby oil, hand lotion, and I’ve found olive oil works pretty well. Those are great of you feel the need to hide your solo sessions from prying eyes. But, as I’ve said before, I still don’t know why anyone feels the need to hide this particular pastime. The commercial lubricants sold (almost) everywhere these days are quite good – many are better than household substitutes – they’re long-lasting, some have added benefits like cooling or warming sensations, and a variety of flavorings for those who might like the occasional finger-licking when stroking away. And many brands have small bottles which can be stashed in a drawer or under the mattress.

Having a bottle of lube is no different than the all-important cum rag. As any men’s advice columnist would tell you, a man’s bedside toolkit should always include the following accessories: A small vibrator, a cock ring, a cum rag, condoms, and (latex safe) lube. So, do yourself a favor. The next time you’re out shopping pick up a bottle. And guys, while you’re at it, grab a bottle for your son(s). You know damn well they pound the pud a lot more often than you do – hey! you remember being a horny teenager with a perpetual hard-on, right? There’s no reason your kid(s) should end up with a sore pecker when the solution is so readily handy.

Another reason to provide your teenage son(s) with lube: This is the time guys should learn what feels good, what brings them to the edge and what sends them over it; learning control is tantamount to a satisfying release. If they don’t have the opportunity to grease up real well in practice sessions, the first time they dip that stick, the unfamiliar sensations of wetness will combine with an already heightened level of excitement and bam! Because my father preferred talking to me and my brother with the business end of a razor strap rather than having us beating our meat, the first time I had sex with a girl there was no thrusting involved. As soon as I plumbed the depths of that warm, wet cave I flooded it. Sadly, for both of us, I was done before I ever started.

You single mom’s out there, you are not exempt! If there’s no male role model to handle the deed for you, you’ll just have to suck it up and provide this necessary tool for your kid’s tool. And if for some reason any of you, moms or dads alike, are too embarrassed to hand your kid a bottle of lube, leave it as a gift on the pillow…maybe with a note that says “Help yourself.”
Now, lube up and go for it!
(Sorry for the repeat pics,'ll take a while to build up a new library.)


Anyone know how to retrieve files from a flash drive that seems to have quit??

'Cause there went all my posts - including the one I had ready for today - and all the photos I'd gathered. It'll take me awhile to recreate the post, but finding the appropriate pictures to go along with it could be tough.

(Today's photo is courtesy of being a direct lift from CoreyJo...)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wiener Wisdom

Kind words in a comment left by a follower – who happens to be a single mom: I want you to know how very much I appreciate your blog. Not only does it give me additional insight into the males I adore, as a single mom I also receive excellent knowledge to pass on to my young son.
Thank you for your well-informed, straightforward, unabashed information. ;)
Brava for sharing the information with your son, and thank you for letting me know about it!
That is what this blog is all about and the comments let me know I’m doing my job! Getting folks to understand the importance of learning about the male apparatus; being more open and honest about the stuff that hangs between a man’s legs – well, that is, when it’s not standing up. When I was growing up, despite my mother’s acceptance of her sons’ morning wood, these kinds of things were never discussed. Anatomy and sex were off limits and as a result all three of us kids grew up thinking our bodies were dirty and shameful. The only “talk” our father ever had regarding the topic was from the end of a leather razor strap when he’d discovered my brother jacking off. The only mentions of male genitalia from my mother were: “You shouldn’t wear such tight pants; you want everyone to see what you’ve got?” and “I swear, if you ever get a girl pregnant, I’ll cut it off!”
How encouraging, eh?
It wasn’t until I’d left home for the military that I began to understand my cock was not unique, its behavior not odd (mutual jacking off with my brother and our buddies not-withstanding).
Even my current in-laws, who are quite open now that their children are grown and married, couldn’t bring themselves to discuss things with their sons when they were teens. That little job got foisted onto my wife. We hadn’t been married long when my mother-in-law complained of her youngest son “ruining good hand towels because he uses them to clean up after he’s done masturbating,” and she couldn’t bring herself to ask him to use old towels instead. My wife volunteered.
It was a very simple, short conversation. “Hey, mom was too afraid to say anything about this. But you need to stop using her good towels after you jack off. The cum leaves stains.” His response: “Oh, okay.”
Now how difficult was that? A few weeks later, the wife asked her mom if the problem had been resolved. “Yes, thank you! I just couldn’t talk to him – it was too embarrassing; and your father refused.”
Good grief, yet another father who refused to teach his male kids about what to expect from, and how to handle, their cocks; an all-too-common scenario. And for the life of me, I still cannot understand why!

My goal here is to reduce the level of men’s shame over what nature provided, to understand how they work, why they do what they do, what can go wrong – and hopefully how to fix it if and when something does go haywire – and how to embrace and enjoy them; to get women to understand that we guys have a special relationship with our packages, one that started when we were toddlers and being potty trained, and some of the reasons (both mental and physical) behind what we do with them.
We’ll all live happier, healthier lives if we can just embrace the facts and not be ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to talk about them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Woody’s, Boners, Hard-on’s

A blog post I read yesterday, reminded me it might be time – once again – to explain to all the young men out there what those nighttime woody’s are all about.

Those suckers pop up several times during the night and it’s all for the good. The fact we wake up with a boner is a sign of overall good health. Because those nocturnal hard-on’s feed needed oxygen-rich blood to the penile tissues. That is their only purpose. We get those same BOE’s (Blood Oxygen Erections) quite a few times in the course of a day too.

Then why do the nighttime ones turn into full-blown boners when the daytime ones just chub? There are several answers to that. 1. During the day, our minds are pre-occupied with more important things than that semi popping in our pants. Things like work, bills to pay, or any of the myriad worries that crop up in our brains. 2. Once we’ve reached a certain age (we do remember when we walked around with our peckers seemingly perpetually poking bulges), the raging hormones have leveled out; partial wood begins to pop and the sensations of movement no longer have the same effect they once did; in other words, we get used to it.

At night, while we’re asleep, our minds are no longer pre-occupied; they’re free to wander and our cocks are free to stoke up full bore. The latest theory is our dicks start to get hard and the sensations send our minds toward thoughts of sex and Bam! full blown boner and sex dreams.

This might be the perfect time to also warn you younger guys, and remind the rest of you, about the dangers we face at night. Our cocks can get caught up in loose pajamas or boxers, they can get trapped in briefs or boxer briefs…and from there all it takes is rolling over and “crack, pop” goes the sheath in our cocks – it’s why we call them boners, even though there’s really no bone in them – and that leads to scar tissue and plaque build-up which is the major cause of a bent cock (go read the post Bent Wood).

There’s nothing odd about waking up with morning wood – or morning glory, as they are sometimes referred to. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, no reason to think you have to hide it from anyone. Any person that sees your morning boner should be well aware of why your cock is standing at attention.

I was fifteen when I started sleeping in the nude; my mom would come in to wake me for school and there I would be, in my usual position, spread-eagle with my cock hard and hovering over my abs; she had a husband and two sons after all, so it came as no surprise. I was eighteen when I went into the military and slept in a barracks with 39 other men; Sarge would come in, flip on the light, and yell “Up! Everyone up!” and by golly he wasn’t kidding! 40 boners went running to the latrine. Every barracks situation throughout my military stint was the same: men woke up with hard cocks. After the military came the college dorm rooms. The first roommate got all red in the face when he realized I’d seen his woody pushing out against the boxers he slept in. I got him straightened out in a hurry – first about not wearing anything below the waist to sleep and then to stop being embarrassed about waking up with a hard-on.

Our dicks are supposed to get hard; it’s what they do. Waking or sleeping, as long as you aren’t in a social setting where it would be cause for concern (at a wedding, an office meeting, or a kid’s birthday party, say), if you start to pop a bit of wood, it’s pretty normal. Don’t let it bother you or get you all flustered.
Accept it. It’s part of a man’s life.

Embrace it. It’s a sign of good health.

Enjoy it. It’s there to give pleasure.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cum Again?

Ladies, you really have an advantage here, don’t you? We guys are trying our best to catch up on this score, but it’s a tougher pole to climb. It is possible though, guys. But don’t be confused with orgasm and cum.

Yeah, I know, when we’re in our teens, young, and extremely horny we can shoot over and over again as if the root of our cocks were connected to a reservoir the size of Lake Superior. Blaine Sumner, one of the models Ron Lloyd used in his Body Solo 4 collection, is a true jack-off artist immediately moving from a geyser in an outdoor shower to a torso bath in a hot-tub and barely loses his hard-on in between. Oh, and did I mention he’s hung like a Shetland Pony? In an interview on this dvd, he says his record ejaculations for one day is 13 and his younger brother isn’t far behind at 11. But, as we age, the lake gradually reduces until it’s more like the dregs of a coffee cup. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the orgasm without the ejaculation.

I’ve mentioned the Body Electric School before and their weekend seminar Celebrating the Body Erotic. The seminar teaches how to have a full body orgasm without cumming. And it’s possible to do over and over again, time after time, and never lose that steel pole. Using a combination of stroking and breathing techniques, you learn how to bring yourself or a buddy to orgasm, taking them (or yourself) higher and higher with each one. The sensations are exquisite and can have you gasping with delight.

To be able to enjoy the sensations of the whole body humming and writhing in the same sense of spasms and keep the final explosion of rocketing jizz for hours later is a real treat. And it’s not a matter of squeezing off the cum at the base, or head, of the cock either. It’s all in the rhytms of breath. Beginning with slow, deep, oxygen-rich inhales and slow, deliberate exhales, you relax your body and calm the mind until everything but your body has faded out of cognizance. Then begin the touches – over the whole upper torso: arms, hands, head, neck, shoulders, chest, abs, cock, balls, inner thighs, perineum, anus – light and soft, letting the sensations register in your brain. Tease your cock without wrapping your hand around it – use your fingertips along the sides of the shaft, to run circles around the coronal ridge of the head, to pinch and squeeze the frenulum – sense it growing, expanding, getting hard. And keep breathing in deliberate rhythm as you finally wrap a hand around the very base of the shaft and begin to stroke. Make your breathing match your strokes and always keep your mind focused on the response of your body. Feel and respond to the tightening of the abs, the tensing of the inner thigh muscles, let your whole body tighten. Nothing should penetrate your thoughts but the feeling in your body. Intensify the breaths, faster and shallower as your body coils upon itself – it feels as if your cock will let loose with an explosion of cum that could drown you. As that happens, stroke your cock but don’t touch the head, take one last deep breath and hold it as your body rocks and you can feel the muscles contract and relax over and over… Breath again with the contractions – let the gasps happen but slowly begin to control it again and allow your body to sink back down to the floor or bed in relaxation.

You can begin again as soon as you want. You can orgasm like that as often as you wish. Of course, you can do this with a partner. One administers the touch and strokes and guides in the breathing and you can trade off. Your brain registers nothing but the sensations of his touch and his guidance of breath. But I warn you – when your nuts feel heavy and full, like they’re a couple of 5-pound weights dragging on the floor, and you do decide you are finally ready to let your spunk spew – be prepared, because the resultant explosion will be unlike any you’ve ever experienced in your life. Your cock will be harder than you ever thought possible, your body will rock and coil and spasm in so many different directions, your brain will feel like it’s on overload, and you’ll blow a load like never before. It’ll be a geyser of hot, slippery wetness to rival Old Faithful. You, your partner (if you’ve gotten with someone for this – and it is easier, and feels better, too), and everything around you will be splattered with cum.

At the end of it all, you’ll feel so relaxed, so at peace, there will be a sensation of lightness through your entire body (you’ve heard the phrase “incredible lightness of being”? well, this is it). And the key after that final spewing is to lie there, quietly for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. If you’ve engaged a partner, it’s best if he (or she) lies beside you, almost enveloping you, and cradles your body with stillness, no movement at all.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Beauty of the Beast

Blog-pal CoreyJo (link connected there or on the sidebar) posted this picture this morning and I just had to bring it over here. This fascination some have for the beast that lives between men’s legs is explained so perfectly in this photo – for me anyway. The way it will rise up in its full glory and beauty and serve two purposes: procreation and recreation.

When I wake up in the morning, as I did today, with a raging-rock-hard morning boner I have a tendency to positively revel in it. Even as I took my morning whizz it stood hard and proud, subsiding a little bit as I was finishing. The head, still so sensitive to any stimulation, fairly full and spongy, registered every bob and weave as I made my way to the coffee pot brought it right back up to a full-bore boner. Going outside to enjoy the morning, it continued to provide me with wonderful sensations – those small electric impulses traveling through the shaft and down to my balls.

It’s mornings like these that make me appreciate being male and all the pleasure my cock brings. The impulse to wrap a hand around it and stroke it slowly, spreading the constant flow of pre-cum all over it making the skin feel silky smooth and soft, just to enjoy it seems the most natural thing in the world to me.

Likewise, when I’d be with a few friends and our cocks began to rise. Such progression seemed perfectly normal for us; first to release the beast from its cloth cage and give it some attention. To stare in awe and admiration at the natural beauty of a hard cock, then to watch your bud’s balls bounce while he lovingly strokes away and want to reach out and do it for him, to share in the wonder. To stand face to face, or sit side by side, and provide the kind of pleasure only a guy can instinctively give and know exactly what he feels as he feels it is awesome. To know how great it feels for him as you stroke and play, making him harder with each manipulation until his hips thrust his steel sword with all the might he can muster through your hand and he blasts that eruption of hot, slippery, cum through the air. To fully understand the moans and sighs of his pleasure as his balls pull up, to know the lightness of them after he’s splattered his man-juice everywhere is indescribable. To know the sense of release and relief and to have him provide the same is a thing to be savored.
One man serving, giving pleasure to another is one of the most natural things in the world. How anyone could view that as wrong is beyond me.