Thursday, May 31, 2018

What's Your Favorite?

"Me and my brother wanted to give our dad a public thank you so we hope you post this. He rescued us from our mom's where jerking off is a horrible sin. He introduced us to your blog and its been an amazing help to us. Our favorite saying we read on the blog is Get over yourself. Guys jerk off, it's a fact of life. We both seen our dad playing with his dick a lot of times and its helped us know that's true cuz he didn't try to hide it from us. We learned to take our time with it too to enjoy it. Thanks Dad and thanks to the guy who runs this blog. The 2 Rs.
PS, see Dad, I used capital letters and punctuation. 😊"

That is nice. A perfect close to Masturbation Month. I appreciate the email - and I hope your dad does, too. Fathers really do need to be more open. Heck, we all need to be more open. We don't need encouragement to jack off, we need to be more honest that we do it and enjoy it. That's what this month-long celebration is all about.

I have to admit the line R quoted that a friend used on my wife years ago is my all-time favorite when it comes to men enjoying their cocks.

What's your favorite positive line regarding masturbation?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I hope everyone had a good, productive day yesterday. I managed to make the rounds to blogger buddies but didn't get to post here.

The visit with the new specialist went well. But, he's insisting on doing those tests again sometime in the next month (we have to wait for insurance approval, of course). Ugh. Well, I suppose all I can do is gird my loins and deal with it. The possibility that he may be able to get me on this trial medication is what drives me forward.

Meanwhile, let's get back to celebrating Masturbation Month, shall we?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Things We Have in Common

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. - a day we take time to remember those who have served their country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Without them, we don't truly know what kind of country we would be living in, or government we would be experiencing.

I watched 1968, Part 2, Spring, on CNN last night. So much turmoil we lived through.... I think many forget the resistance of the time. And, here we are, once again, facing the same issues. History repeats itself. Through it all, it is important that we bear in mind that we have more commonalities than differences.

Spend the day celebrating the things we have in common.

Last week's Dr appointment was in preparation for tomorrow. I will (finally) begin examination by a Muscular Dystrophy specialist.
I may or may not be able to post depending upon what tests he decides to begin with. There are tests which leave me unable to even walk for a couple of days. I hope he waits on those.

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Naked Man

Sorry this is so late. I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and then regular life got in the way.

I wanted to make another observation to yesterday's post:
When kids grow up, what they often remember is whether Mom and Dad were there for them when they needed support. I think what your son will remember from the episode is that his father was there, and didn't hide or lie to him.

Guys are often expected to make the journey to "manhood" alone, left to stumble through until we get it right. Just read about the issues we face right now as a gender with the raging accusations of harassment - everything from rape to inappropriate language (sexual innuendo).
Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, best friends need to step up to the plate and help and support one another; teach each other how to live in this new world.

We can start by opening up, by being honest, by shedding inhibitions about who we are. Though nudity is frowned upon by many, it might be well to remember that the naked man has nothing to hide. 
By that I mean it is easier to talk openly once you've been together naked. Go get naked together; fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, cousins, friends.
Continue the celebration...
...and enjoy the weekend.