Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Early Andropause

An acquaintance asked me last night about the symptoms of Andropause. He's much too young to be going through it (mid 30's), yet just as Menopause can strike early so, too, can Andropause.
Symptoms include - but are not limited to (lordy! I sound like a lawyer) - fatigue, lack of strength, loss of muscle mass, hot flashes, and night sweats. And the most telling of all: no morning wood and limp boners.

The most you can muster up is half mast.

He'd had his Testosterone levels checked a year ago. But, as I told him, "That was a year ago. Go get it checked again. And, if it's low, don't accept any prescription for hormone replacement unless it's a Bio-Identical cream." And he needs to be totally honest with his doctor about his boner quality.







I'll be sure to follow up with him to make sure he's gone to see his physician for a complete physical. Something you all should have done, or at least scheduled during this Men's Health Month.

Monday, June 29, 2015


What a delicious way to top off Gay Pride Month
which coincides with Men's Health Month
than the ruling by the SCOTUS. Of course, we all knew it would go that way. There were parties galore in celebration over the weekend. There were scores of weddings. And, of course, there was plenty of griping by the Religious Right claiming the Court overstepped its authority and demanding changes to the Constitution. **sigh** As happens at the end of all wars, there will continue to be skirmishes by hardcore, delusional, selfish individuals. Well, here's the solution:

The wife's birthday celebration was wonderful, and I thank everyone for their birthday wishes. We made a toast to the SCOTUS ruling, surrounded by friends both gay and straight.
I hope you all had a great weekend, kicking back to chill out.

 Or with a buddy

Or partied in celebration with some friends.

All, naked, of course, to celebrate the natural state of man.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekend of Wood

May you have a weekend of wood.

And may you find plenty of time to enjoy it.
Go ahead, stroke one out...

Or two...
 Or three...
Or more...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Where's My Trophy?

Well, the errands and chores simply got out of hand yesterday, and time slipped by. Before I knew it, the wife was walking in from work and it was time to get dinner together.
Anyway, I thought it might be time for a few laughs around here...
How Eve really tempted Adam into taking a bite of the apple

Cock: It's what's for dinner.

How circle jerks begin

The newest Mayonnaise

Oh, holy shit! Where did it go?

How to troll for a blow job

"Oh, my..."

"...I love the service in this place!"

Well, what if I just hide my package ... will that count as clothing?

Ask your doctor what an apple a day can do for your boner

"Geez, ya didn't need to smack my chin with it!"
"Maybe not, but it felt good on my dick."

Uh, you may as well come out where we can see you

Oh shit! How do I get down if it doesn't go down?

Then where's my trophy?

My wife is taking tomorrow off (a rarity) and we shall be off for a celebratory weekend in honor of her 50th birthday. I shall prepare and schedule a post to assist you all in enjoying your weekend.