Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Naked Bodies

Lots of good advice for yesterday's reader. I'd urge the writer to become more...accommodating. Because it sounds like the constant nudity bothers him. Nudity should be acceptable, though. His roommate has what he was born with and he's (obviously) not ashamed of that.
Costa Rican model and photographer Luces de Bengala 

states it well on his blog:

Reaction to Nudity
Naked bodies causes all sorts of things, because our society never taught us to face them. It’s actually the other way around, most people don’t know how to react to nudity… we only consider nudity valid when we’re taking a shower, with a closed door, where no one can see us. Or when we’re going to have sex, usually at night, with the lights off. We talk about embarrassing situations and say “I feel like I’m naked”, like there was nothing worse in the whole world. Starting from the story of Adam and Eve they have been teaching us that we have to be ashamed of our body, that we have to hide it. 

The human body is beautiful. It would be great if most people weren’t ashamed by their own body, both for themselves as well as when they’re with other people, and that they would feel free to do with it what they wanted. It would also be great if no one felt that stubborn urge to humiliate, expose and judge the bodies of other people in order to control them. The human body is there to enjoy, value and admire, everything with consent and complete freedom.

It's All Hallows Eve. Don't let the clown frighten you - he's offering you a treat.
Hope you get all the candy and goodies you hope for.
Don't let any party guests hog the pumpkin.
If you see this costume (sold by Skivvies) be sure to snap a few photos for us!

Happy  Halloween, everyone!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Dorm Life

Lots of advice for the reader regarding the latest ED treatment. I have not had a chance to do any research as yet, but I will. In the meantime...

"I live in the college dorms and have a roommate who is always naked. He strips the minute he walks in the door and stays that way until he leaves for somewhere. He doesn't even pull on shorts when someone stops in. He also jerks off every night in his bed. I've asked him to at least pull on pants when other people show up. And I've told him I don't like having to watch him jerk off. And he drops the towels full of cum on the floor where they stay and pile up until he does laundry. This has been constant tension between us. What can I do to get him to accommodate my requests?"

Well, now. Two issues but the answers are not simple. The thing is, you both have to learn to accommodate each other. That's what dorm life is all about. To keep the peace, you each must be willing to compromise. I see nothing wrong with being nude - I'm a nudist myself and can appreciate his lifestyle.

 Roommates, especially, should be able to be naked. Remember, he lives there, too.
 But... There is this thing called consideration. He needs to be considerate of guests - not everyone is comfortable around naked bodies. So, he should, at the very least, put on something when guests show up at your door. If not pants, at least a pair of briefs.

As for the masturbation.... Well, now, you jack off, too, don't you? Lights off, stroking under the covers, or trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. Or, maybe you take care of business when he's not around?

Or, maybe you hide in the shower.
Which, I have to say with a roommate like yours there's no real reason except being embarrassed about it. Either way, this is one where I think I'll have to side with him. Consideration for one another is one thing - asking a guy to stop charming his snake is another. Good lord, dude. Jacking off is the most common form of sexual release for guys. As a good friend once told my wife, "Guys jerk off. It's a fact of life. Get over yourself."
 Nobody says you have to watch. Bury your nose in a book, or watch something on your tablet (or whatever device you use). Or face the other direction.
However, I'm with you on the cum rags. He should put them in a hamper with the rest of his laundry. Leaving cum-drenched anything lying around isn't a badge of honor, declaring "Yes, I jack off." Rather, it's announcing you're a slob.

Anyone else care to offer solutions?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Priapus Shots?

I'm running late :-D .... An awful lot going on this week. But, this question was posed via email:

"Had a question for you and your readers. There is treatment that is being touted as a treatment for ED, the P-Shot (Priapus Shot). Was wondering if you or your readers had any experience or knowledge of the procedure and/or experience. As a mid-40's male, I noticed erections not as strong and fading quicker. Viagra/Cialis do work, but with all the usual mild side effects and hassles. The physician I see has trained under the inventor, a Dr. Runnels. The procedure injects platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the penis in several points along the length and tip. It is claimed to treat ED for up to 18 months and improve sensation. It is used along with pumping to help re-vascularize the corpus cavernosum to improve overall rigidity. There is a lot of research of this treatment modality for other areas, but seems pretty new to this application. Appreciate any information or opinions you or your readers may have.  -A"

IF the testosterone levels are normal and there is still an issue with getting hard.... Off the top of my head, it sounds as if this is meant to get more oxygen to the area. Injected platelets and plasma should be safe enough if it is your own - and over time will be absorbed into the body. But, the word "priapus" concerns me, because that intimates the cock will be hard longer than is healthy.

Boners are important to a man's overall health. If you can find something safe - key word being safe - and effective, go for it.

If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime, I'll see what I can dig up.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Zero Shame

I have another very full schedule ahead of me again. I'll just leave you with my wish that you have a terrific day. Laze about, and chill out, with zero shame.