Monday, February 28, 2022

Monday, Monday

 Can't let the day go by without a thought for Ukraine as they put day 5 of the Russian invasion behind them.

We can try to be help in the way of donating to relief funds to help the refugees.

But allow me to caution you to research them before giving money. The typical scammers are there with their hands out.

Here are the Monday giggles to help lighten things up a bit.
And let's start with this one

If no one else does, I bet Upton will get this one.

Friday, February 25, 2022

How Long?


"How long after I wake up should morning wood last?"

Morning wood is the final nocturnal erection of the night. It typically is the strongest because it develops during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. We are at our most relaxed at that point, our minds free to wander. The sensitivity leads to increasing rigidity and, possibly, to sexual dreams. For a lot of guys, the morning boner is their favorite of the spontaneous erections due to the hardness and sensitivity.

How long they last varies from guy to guy. And, I'll dare to say, I think age and hormones may have something to do with it. For a lot of men it begins to wilt with the morning whizz. Which is why one of the common nomenclatures is "a piss hard-on." And why some people mistakenly believe a full bladder is what causes it.

Mine used to last a good long while, though. Even after I pissed, it would still be better than half-mast while I drank my coffee and regain full hardness in the shower. The real wilt would happen when I dressed and my mind turned to the workday ahead.

Now they fade by the time I get my feet to the floor. 

Despite the struggle to get a decent hard-on when I want one because of the Muscular Dystrophy, I still wake with a decent boner. Sometimes they can be really stiff.

The key is to appreciate them for however long they may last.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Build Better Boners


"I don't get nearly as hard as I used to. Got any suggestions to help me get those rock hard erections back?"

It appears it is time to go back to basics. The cock is like any other body part, it needs care and attention. No, not just that kind of attention.

You can help yours get back to that "steel pole." My suggestion in one word: Kegels.

What are they? Pelvic Floor exercises. Flexing the muscles of the Perineum (or taint). Those are the muscles that you use to cut off a stream of urine, or when you flex to push out the last bits. The marvelous part of these is that you can do them anytime, anywhere. And you don't need an erection to do them.

The advantages of these are to help increase the blood flow in the groin - which is necessary to achieve an erection. According to Priority Men's Health Clinic, in their blog post "Benefits of Kegels for Men," "Pelvic floor muscle exercises, including Kegel exercises, will help you improve your sexual experience in many ways. For starters, your erections will be firmer as the flow of blood into the groin improves. The exercises will help delay ejaculations as you will better be able to contract the muscles on command. A healthcare professional can help you in mastering delayed ejaculations using Kegel exercises. Finally, you will experience increased pleasure as well as an increased number of orgasms." (Because there is no mention of "multi-orgasmic," I think what they really mean is the number of contractions with an ejaculation.)

One thing they don't mention is the fact that strengthening those muscles can help increase the velocity of your ejaculations (how hard you shoot).

You want to build back better boners? Get flexing. Don't get carried away - you can strain those muscles as easily as you can any other in your body. 10 reps per session, two sessions per day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Based in Science


Apparently, many men still haven't gotten the message. Though the gods know I've posted about it enough times. But, evidently, not enough because...

"According to a recent poll from the National Sleep Foundation, only 12 percent of Americans sleep in their birthday suits." [bold and red are mine.]the 

So, let me reiterate more emphatically.


The online magazine, Gayety, details "9 Simple Reasons You Should Sleep Naked."

If the anti-aging (#5) and burning more calories (#7) doesn't convince you, maybe the fact that it's better for your balls (#9) will convince you.

"When you sleep in your underwear, you’re actually increasing the odds of getting an infection, doctors say. Why, you ask? Because underwear retains heat and moisture, thus increasing the existence of bacteria since they thrive in warm environments. More bacteria means a higher likelihood that any chaffed or irritated skin in this general area can be infected. Think of the balls, man!" [Bold and red are mine.]

The heat and moisture factors increase if you are a stomach or side sleeper.

Because now The Boys aren't only snuggled up in the briefs, held between you and the mattress, they're further roasted by trapped body heat.

Not to mention those boners have more freedom to blossom.

Or maybe that it might lead to more sex (#8) could be the thing that lures you into sleeping in the buff.

Maybe that it makes your jizz taste better (#2), perhaps resulting in more blowjobs is the enticement you need.

Come on, guys, if you don't already...sleep nude.

It's based in science.

Special thanks to Rick (Sicko Ricko's Crap) for sending the article.