Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Masturbation Month - May 31

While we here in the U.S. celebrated Memorial Day with a 3-day weekend, 12 more mass shootings happened around the country. One near me with 1 dead and 6 injured. The media have been so laser-focused on Uvalde and Buffalo they have ignored what continues to happen each and every day. I don't have the answers, but something needs to be done.

From all the messages I've received and all the comments left on the posts, it appears the month-long celebration here has been a success.

"Thnaks for the great posts. I wish my husband would do it for me and with me instead of hiding it."

"Great posts so far. Keep it going. My boyfriend and me have been having a blast. Well, he's been blsting anyway. LOL"

"It been an inspiration all month long in this house. Sign me Dad the 2 Rs"

"As a straight dude I really enjoy all the posts this month. Hell its what most of us single guys are doing but its nice to have all the corroboration."

"Do it. Everyone does. Straight, gay, bi, single, married, male, female. Love this month. Thanks for making it special by including weekends posts."

"Pat, you rock!! Thanks for the great month so far and keep it going."

"Seeing guys jerk it is so great. Keep it up guys and SHARE IT!! We women love it!!!"

"Boners are wonderful things aren't they? Honoring them with a month dedicated to enjoying them has been awesome. Thabk you so much."

"I've used your recent posts to prove to my sons how normal jacking their dicks is. Thanks."

"Thanks for helping spread the word that Straight guys can do it with eachg other. The girls get dolled up and go out to dinner and  movie and then drinks. The guys gettogether and stroke off. We call it Brobate Court becuse one guy is a judge."

"Charming my snake to your blog last weekend when my BIL walked in on me. Scared the crap out of me and I tried to hide. He laughed and asked to join me. If its more acceptable it's because of you and your blog."

There were more but, lordy! it would take a month of posts to cover them all. Thank you to all my Faithful Readers, whether you leave comments or send emails or just plain old read and enjoy.

Speaking of comments.... The fully-integrated comment widgets are still not working properly. Whether I try to comment using my Google account, my Name + a URL, or Anonymous, it rarely works. I just want to assure my Blogger family that I do try. Everyday.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Masturbation Month & Monday Funnies - May 30


I hope everyone had a great weekend. It's Memorial day today in the U.S. Many folks will be gathering with friends and family.

However you spend the day spare a moment to remember the true reason for the day.

But take time for a few laughs.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Masturbation Month - May 29


On Sundays many Groups from the NY Jacks to the LAX Jacks and Rain City Jacks have scheduled meetings. If group masturbation is your thing, or if you find it interesting, go and enjoy. 

Saturday, May 28, 2022