Monday, February 28, 2011

The Horny J/O

“I’m horny.” Well, I’m sure all you ladies out there have heard your man say that many times. And let me tell you, if you don’t accommodate him, he’s going to go out to the garage, or lock himself in the bathroom, go into his Mancave, or go anywhere to beat off. As a (gay) friend of ours told my wife one night, guys jerk off, “it’s a fact of life; get over yourself.” Unsatisfied horniness can really get quite painful for us. Our balls ache so bad all we can think about it getting off. The horny whack attack can strike pretty much at any time of the day or night, under all kinds of circumstances.
Such was the case for me on my return trip from the CBE seminar. As if spending an entire weekend giving and receiving erotic massage with a bunch of naked guys wasn’t enough… Driving long-distance, the constant vibrations of the road give me a raging hard-on. So, to dispel the pain of being caged, I freed my monster to breathe in the fresh air. Driving long-distance can also be pretty boring. So, to relieve the boredom the pants got pushed further down and, well…let the games begin, as it were.

‘Course I’d done the same thing on the drive there, but the worst thing I did was stop on the side of the road to take a leak. Had a few horn honks as folks drove by at 50mph, but that’s life on the road when ya gotta piss.
The difference now, on the way home, was my mind kept playing images of the weekend as my hands alternated pulling my pud. My heated cock kept getting cooled down by the pre-cum evaporating in the breeze of the open window. Kinda like the sensation when someone sucks you with an ice-cube in their mouth. It felt so awesome I began spreading it along my sac and that really felt good – like someone blowing gently on my balls. The harder my dick got the slower I began to drive. People were passing me up left and right. Wonder what they thought, especially the truckers – I knew those guys could probably see my arm pumping up and down on my pecker.
I managed to edge for more than two hours of the drive, but it finally overcame me. My nuts were snuggled up, the shaft was hot to the touch and the head had turned a dark purple-red. I knew I couldn’t keep stroking much longer without hitting the point of no return and going over the top. I had no towels or tissue with me and I sure didn’t want to walk into the house with my shirt splattered with jizz.

I stopped stroking, pulled to the side of the road, and hiked my pants up far enough to be able to walk. My cock was so hard and my balls ached so bad I knew they would boil over soon. I didn’t even bother to shut the car door. I sprinted to the side of the road, and my pants fell down around my knees as I pushed my hips forward, grabbed my cock, jacked it like there would be no tomorrow and the first shot of cum flew out. It arced up into the air and hit the ground about six feet away from me. I pounded my fist over my dick with a fury, blasting out spurt after spurt as cars and trucks whizzed by. I don’t know if there were any horn honks or not – I was too busy getting my nut. When the cum finally stopped flowing, I wiped my cock with my hand and flung the jizz to the ground (okay, I’ll admit it: yes, I licked the rest off my hand). I stuffed my overly sensitive semi-hard-on into my pants and got back into the car.
An hour later I needed to “piss like a racehorse” as the old saying goes and again found myself standing on the side of the road with my dick in my hand, cars and trucks racing by as I whizzed on the guardrail. My dick rose up and begged for attention again as I tried to shake the last drop off. I stroked out a quick one and drove the rest of the way home.

That’s what the horny jack-off is all about: A guy just getting off; to relieve the ache in his nuts, to relieve his hard-on.

Friday, February 25, 2011

CBE for Men = Celebrate the Cock

I attended a Body Electric “Celebrating the Body Erotic” seminar a few years ago. If you haven’t heard of them, surf on over to their website. It was one of the most erotic, sensual, and life-changing experiences ever. There's a video clip you can watch that explains the course (Matthew Simmon's is featured and was the instructor when I attended).
The seminar is about connecting to oneself, connecting to others, learning to be comfortable, accepting, and celebrating the erotic being that lives in all of us. Through the course of the weekend, they not only instruct you on learning to love the equipment you were born with, but how to enjoy it; to reach and maintain a heightened plateau of arousal for hours, while your whole body hums with erotic electricity; and how to experience full-body orgasm without ejaculation (which is a first step in becoming multi-orgasmic!). The first hours are spent in self-discovery and awareness, and learning to trust the other men attending. After lunch, we returned to the meeting room and we stripped one another’s clothes off. We were then instructed to deliberately look at all the other cocks around the circle. That exercise taught every man in the room that what hung between his legs was normal and nothing to be ashamed of, nothing he needed to hide. It was an instant sense of freedom for many.

Over the course of the next day and a half (always nude) we learned to communicate; we were taught how to give one another erotic massage, to listen and become aware of our own, as well as our partner’s feelings. Each massage started at the groin, worked its way to the outer extremities and then back to concentrate on the cock and balls.

We were taught techniques on stroking cock, massaging balls, and breathing; we learned to focus on the sensations and recognized a heightened awareness. We traded places as giver and receiver, so every man was able to achieve full-body orgasm.

During my final stint as a receiver of massage, as our instructor lead us to deliberately peaked sensation, I blasted a huge load. My massager’s hands and my torso were covered in cum. As far as I know I was the only guy to actually ejaculate (remember the goal was orgasm without ejaculation), but no one ridiculed me, nobody chastised me; the guy and instructor took towels and gently, lovingly cleaned me.

It was fabulous! I’d never felt so content, so at peace, in my entire life, or felt so comfortable in being a man; there was no reason to be ashamed of my cock, no shame in getting a hard-on, no shame in enjoying it, celebrating it and cumming. I no longer felt alone; I felt I truly belonged to a brotherhood of man; I felt accepted and honored.
I can honestly state, it changed my life. I became happier, more honest and open, and as a result (I think, anyway) a better man.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cum Denial

I know a lot of you guys out there love to edge. I think all guys like to hold off blasting that load of jizz and spend as much time as possible just enjoying the pleasant sensations of playing with that stiff dick. I admit, I like edging as much as the next guy.
Edging is great, I love getting my cock hard, stroking it for hours, teasing it and making it leak like a faucet that’s been left on to drip all day. I enjoy squeezing my balls and putting pressure on my prostate, and helping that fluid to build up. The more jizz that gets jettisoned, the more power behind each spurt, the better it feels. I get that, I do.
But, guys, please don’t increase your risk of developing prostate cancer by denying yourself that ejaculation for more than one day. For example, if you edge to porn on Thursday, cum on Friday.

I’ve read more than a few forum posts, on various websites, where guys have said they will edge for days on end – a week or more – before they will finally allow themselves to cum. As I indicated yesterday, this blog isn’t just about encouraging guys to whack off; it’s about keeping our man parts healthy so we can enjoy them for a lifetime. We only get one set of genital organs; if we lose a piece, it can’t be replaced (at least not yet, anyway).
Studies have shown the longer a man waits to cum, the more toxic the fluid becomes to his tissues. Urologists believe this is what may be leading to an increase in cases of prostate cancer. This is why they’ve begun encouraging men to cum more often.

Cum more often now, or develop prostate cancer later in life and increase the high possibility you could end up with a limp dick after they’ve removed your cancerous gland. Here’s a way to look at it: Jack off, or Limp Dick… Jack off, or Limp Dick.  (Soup, or Art; Soup, or Art (if you remember the old argument about Andy Warhol.)

Come on guys! Whip those bad boys out; stroke ‘em, pound ‘em, or lovingly massage ‘em, whatever makes your cannon rise to a target, but make sure it fires and shoots!!!
Whip it out...
stroke it, pound it, massage it...
but fire and shoot that cannon!
This guy certainly knows what's good for him, he openly admits it, and he's ready with the necessary equipment. You know what it's for - - get one out and use it!
Get one out and use it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bent Wood

Bent Wood
And I’m not referring to rocking chairs… I’ve mentioned before that what hangs between our legs is quite miraculous and that a multitude of things can go wrong – many times without guys realizing it. And after all, one of the reasons for this blog is about keeping our man-parts healthy and in good working condition. One of those ‘things’ reminds me of the old joke: “Why do we call it a boner if there’s no bone in it?” A couple weeks ago a fellow blogger posted a question on behalf of a follower about curved cocks. Many of the comments left were exactly as one might expect; a few were succinct.
Now if your dick has a slight curve in it when it gets hard, whether right or left, but  most times an upward sweep, that’s very normal. But… if your hard-on looks like one of these or the one above, that’s Peyronies Disease.
Actual Peyronies-diagnosed bend
Severe Left Curvature

Peyronies is caused by two things: either a build-up of plaque or scar tissue on the Tunica. The Tunica (the sheath which surrounds the Cavernosum (the chambers that fill with blood) is what helps us develop our boners. A broken dick can and will heal itself, but the result is a piece of bent wood, sometimes so severe it could point around a corner. Men crack this sheath, either during rigorous sex or while they’re asleep. If you broke it during sex, more likely than not, you knew it; you may have heard the “snap,” felt the twinge of pain, and your dick wilted like an old carrot. But most males break their boners when they’re asleep – some, like one of my boyhood jack off buds, grew up with a big bend to the left and never knew it to be any other way.
While lots of folks frown on sleeping in the nude, males should be encouraged to do so as soon as they’re out of potty-training pants. Males develop numerous erections during sleep; those erections get caught and trapped in pajamas, or underwear, the guy rolls over on it, and the Tunica cracks. Come on, guys, shuck those bottoms when you settle in to sleep!
I know it's a repeat pic - but he's adorable, ain't he?

 (All you young dads (and moms!) out there, are you listening?)
Now, if your bent penis doesn’t interfere with your sexual activities it’s usually not a problem; though, if left untreated, the severity may increase over time, especially if it’s a plaque build-up. If, however, your sexual diet gets completely restricted to whacking off or blow jobs and other variations cannot be included on the menu because it’s uncomfortable for you or your partner, there’s a problem.
A bent cock can be fixed though. Seek out an Urologist who has experience in treating Peyronies. Don’t allow embarrassment keep you from enjoying a healthy dick. He’ll need to see your hard-on, but if you can’t work one up for him there are medications he can administer to give you an erection within five minutes (or so). He may order a penile sonogram. Depending upon the severity of the curve, you’ll have options. Massaging in a steroid cream can, over time, dissolve the plaque or scar tissue. For severe bending, he may suggest surgical removal of the scar or plaque. While all surgery is risky, this is a fairly minor procedure and the incision should heal quickly and you should be back in the throes of tossing cum within weeks.

A word of warning: There are items being sold on a variety of websites. (Guys are such easy targets for things that promise to enhance our erections.) These are ridiculous cage-like “con”traptions that promise to straighten out the bend. Without the prescription steroid creams, these things will not work! With the prescription steroid creams, you don’t need the contraption! If the bend is severe, all these cages will create is pain in your peter, they will not straighten out your bent wood.
Keep an eye on your manhood, men. You want to be able to reap the bounty of your boners for as long as you live. Right?

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Last Longer J/O

Here’s one of the reasons men jack off that should actually make women happy. As a friend of mine told a young guy at a party one night when he complained about always blowing his load too soon: “Pound one out before you go out with her – it’ll help you last longer.”
This is a trick a lot of young guys latch onto before they’ve learned to control their ejaculation(s). (Remember Ben Stiller doing this in There’s Something about Mary? Funny yes, but it really was art imitating life.) I used to employ this tactic when I was young and cruising the bars to get laid. It was part of getting ready to go out – one more thing to do among all the other shit like showering, shaving, and deciding what to wear.
I’d start teasing my cock the minute I started picking out my clothes. Grabbing a handful and giving a few meaningful tugs and strokes, playing with my balls would get things rolling. I’d do anything that would make me get hard and stay that way. As I went down to the gang shower, my boner lead the way. Shampoo lather always felt good being spread around my crotch; it’s got a more ‘silky’ feel than soap or body gel. Rinsing the shampoo off the groin was further stimulation, stroking along the shaft, hefting up the nuts. Soaping up and working up a good head of bubbles, grinding the cockhead in my palm, and working the lather over my balls and up the crack of my ass. Then repeating the same moves to rinse everything off kept my rod steely hard.

I never worried about other guys in there because, more likely than not, they were doing the same thing. Even if they weren’t, they understood the goal and rarely commented beyond a simple, “Going out tonight, huh?” The next step was shaving. I shaved in the shower because shaving the hair off my cock has been standard procedure long before this spread to popular culture. I’d seen a guy in the gang shower one afternoon shaving his dick and asked why he was doing it. He told me his girlfriend complained the hair irritated her vaginal walls. I said thanks for the advice and lathered up. And sporting at least a semi-hard-on helps get a closer shave.
Once I’d finished with the shower, I’d go back to my bunk, lie back and stroke in earnest, cum blasting. Later in the evening, if I’d managed to hook up, I was indeed able to make the sex last a lot longer before I blew my wad.

So, ya see, ladies, whacking off isn’t always a selfish activity; if we can fuck longer, chances are better we can get you to cum before we do.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The I’m Bored J/O

It doesn’t start out as intentional; this is something that just sort of…evolves for guys. I don’t ever recall thinking I’m bored, I’m going to go whack off now.
Most of the time, it starts while I’m just lazing around the house. I could be leafing through a magazine, staring at the television, maybe reading a book, or maybe just floating around in the pool – naked, of course. I spend the bulk of my time without clothes – I like the feeling of freedom it renders. And I think I’m pretty much the average guy: when I’m nude the hands just naturally gravitate to the crotch with a touch here, a grab there, a pull, a stroke.
The casual touches, maybe a hefting of the balls makes my cock start to rise, just the smallest bit. Several hours can go by while I read or whatever, playing with my dick. I’ll get to leaking small amounts of pre-cum, which gets spread around and massaged into the head and shaft; maybe some on my sac. The skin of my prick and sac feels loose, silken and warm. I’m not really paying attention to what I’m doing. My dick might get hard and I might give it some strokes, but nothing in earnest and eventually my hard-on subsides. Yet, I’m not really cognizant of what’s happening with the book-magazine-newspaper-television either; my mind is just floating through numerous random thoughts.
The same thing happens if I’m just floating around on a raft in the pool. The sun feels warm on my skin, the breezes tickle the pubes, and I get a little semi. My hands might wander down to adjust, give a little tug on my nuts, work the puddle of pre-cum into my skin. My cock might develop into a full-blown stiffy, but it’ll subside after a few minutes.
But at some point, without any intention of doing so, a hand will wrap around my shaft and start stroking. The other hand begins to wander over my body and play with my nipples until they get as hard as my cock. It might run down and flop my balls around, squeezing them, and fingers begin to push and massage along the sides of my perineum forcing more blood to flood my dick and make it even harder.
Now, with a raging boner, the playing becomes more intentional and deliberate. I’ll use my thumb to rub the head of my cock on the upstroke and pause to tweak the frenulum, drawing little circles over it with my forefinger. The sensations cause a lava-flow of pre-cum, making my fist glide over my dick. The stroking of my hand along the shaft picks up speed, a hand cradles my balls and I feel them slapping against my palm. I feel the explosion gather. My cock gets as hard as a steel fence-post, the head turns dark and swells. The first shot of jizz loads into the base, hesitates for a nano-second, then fires out through the shaft, painting a thick, warm, white stripe along my entire torso. Each spurt of cum washes over me, flooding my navel, pooling in my pubes, it’ll slow and drool down my cock and cover my pumping hand.
The slow pistoning of my fist continues and I know there’s a smile on my face. Just one more reason guys jack off: We’ve beaten the boredom; passed the time, beating our meat

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dream State B/J, H/J

Have you ever had a hand job or a blow job while you were asleep? It’s happened to me several times over the years. It’s kinda surreal…
The first time it happened I was in the military and I’d lucked out in getting one of the rooms in the barracks to myself. I had this chick with me to spend the night. Though my plan was for a rollicking roll in the hay, I was totally exhausted and fell asleep within minutes of crawling onto the bed.
I felt my cock get hard – nothing odd about that, night-time hard-on’s are status quo. But then I felt my cock slowly and deliciously sliding in and out of something warm and wet. I started thrusting my hips like I was fucking. It felt so incredible, so intense. But I could also feel something lapping at my nuts, licking and sucking on them. Whatever I was ramming my cock into would squeeze the shaft and head when I pulled back. It felt good; soft, warm and wet, and slow. The feel of my cock being buried to the hilt made it throb and twitch. I felt the head engorge as something swirled around the ridge… I was half awake, half asleep and still thought I was dreaming when my cum exploded out the end. I felt sudden sucking sensation as my shaft got stroked and I could feel a hand supporting my balls. The next morning, the girl asked me how she’d done; if she gave good head. She got pissed off and stormed out when I told her I had no fucking idea what she was talking about. And, at the time, I thought it was the truth.
The second time I’d fallen asleep on the couch – naked as usual – and dreamt someone was stroking my dick. All lubed up, a hand moved in full deliberate motions up and down. When the hand reached the base of my cock, fingers would splay out and run over my ballsac. The closed fist squeezed the dickhead as it stroked all the way up. A hand lightly massaged along my abdomen, fingernails lightly scraped along my balls and I threw my legs open wide. Hands rubbed the inside of my thighs and a finger pushed and massaged tiny circles around my hole. The strokes became faster and my balls boiled up. Hot, thick, slippery spurts of liquid shot up and out and sprayed my torso. The now-slick hand kept on jacking and squeezing the head, and milked every last drop of juice from my man-berries.

I sighed and woke up to find one of my roommates smiling down at me, his hand still wrapped around my cock. “I hope you don’t mind. I came home and saw you lying there with this humongous boner. I couldn’t help it, I just had to jack you off.” I told him maybe I needed to fall asleep on the couch more often.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mom Saw Us!

A few weeks after I’d blown my first load, squirting jizz all over a buddy’s leg, my brother, me and this same friend decided to “camp out.” This consisted of sleeping bags laid out on the grass in the back yard between our and the neighbor’s garages. This was the only type of “sleepover” we were ever allowed to have.
As soon as we knew our folks had gone to bed, evidenced by the lights in the upstairs windows going out, we all stripped our clothes off and started playing with each other’s dicks. Then my brother, bless his heart! suggested I jack them both off again. They laid down right next to each other, on top of their sleeping bags, and for a while I sat between them one hand wanking each stiff cock and playing with their balls. They both have massive balls and my brother’s 10” dick took the prize. Our buddy’s cock wasn’t quite as long, but it was real thick and curved to the left. They both made my puny twelve-year-old cut pecker look ridiculously small, but it sure felt good to have someone else’s hand working over it.
Our bud wanted more attention and pulled me over to straddle his spread legs and my brother was left to his own ministrations for a while. But I tried to be fair and moved from one to the other. I preferred our buddy because he’d at least play with my dick while I stroked his and bounced those huge nuts in my hand. It was fun to pull his cock toward me and let it go; it slapped back down against his stomach with a wet plop into the pool of pre-cum.
We played like that for the longest time. I stroked my brother’s cock to a frenzy and he finally said he was going to cream. He pushed my hand off, grabbed his prick, rolled to his side and stroked. His first shot of cum blasted out a good six feet and he groaned pretty loud every time a rope squirted from the engorged head. He rolled to his back, still stroking, with a satisfied sigh and I went to town on our buddy.
I slapped his cock against his stomach, I squeezed his balls, and ran my fist up and down his shaft while he stroked my cock. His breath turned rapid and raspy and he stopped playing with my hard-on, so I grabbed myself and went to town. I let go of his pud and blew my wad all over his nuts and pulsing dick. I recovered quickly and went back to his and whacked on his cock until his hips pushed up off the ground and he came really hard.
A few minutes later, my brother asked me if I’d been able to cum yet. “Yeah, all over Jim’s balls and pecker before I made him jizz.” The guy hadn’t even known I’d done it! He was pissed off at first, but he lightened up when my brother laughed.

It was a great experience – right up until the next day when our mom said she’d stood in the upstairs window watching us. I thought we were in big trouble; thought for sure she’d told our dad. But nothing else was ever said about it.
Thank god! she hadn’t told our dad what she’d seen us doing. The razor strap would’ve come out for sure – just like it did when our dad had caught my brother jacking off in our bedroom one night.

 That’s a story I need to tell someday – because young boys should not be beaten for beating their meat; rather, fathers should be teaching them how and encouraging them to do it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Time Tied

By Guest Contributor Phil
My first experience of being forced to cum when I was 16 at school. It was on the day most of my class had gone on a school visit. I'd forgot about it and when I remembered the bus was full, all my mates were on the trip. Just after lunch I went into the toilets for a pee and, as I was coming out, a bunch of 5th form lads from another class grabbed me. I'd had an argument with one of them a few weeks earlier; they pulled me back into the toilets and pushed me against the wall. John, the lad I had argued with, said, "Phil, I'm going to teach you about messing with me. Let’s strip him lads".
There were three lads holding me while two others pulled my shoes off, then my jacket, shirt, and finally my trousers. I was struggling to get free but there were too many of them. I was only wearing my underpants and socks, they pulled me into one of the cubicles, tied my hands to the toilet cistern and pushed me back so I was standing behind the toilet bowl with the pipe from the cistern between my legs. They then tied my ankles together so I couldn't move forward.
One of the boys then wrote on some paper: Untie him and your dead we're watching - and stuck it on the wall. John then said, "Now who's embarrassed" and they all ran off.
I was really nervous standing there with just my underpants on. After a few minutes I heard footsteps and the door of the cubicle was pushed open. I think it was a first year lad; he looked really surprised after taking a quick look and after reading the note he went into another cubicle.
After I heard him leave some more boys came in and suddenly the door opened and there was this third year bloke standing looking at me. He laughed and called his friend over and they both stood staring at me. I felt really embarrassed. "C'mon lads, untie me," I said. "No way, but we'd like to see what’s making that bulge in your undies"
They moved closer and pulled my underpants down ‘til they were around my knees. Knowing they were looking at my cock started giving me an erection, soon it was sticking right up, rock hard. "Now that is a fuckin hard on! Lets go and tell the others", and they ran off.

Soon after they left I heard some talking and smelled cigarette smoke; fortunately they were at the other end of the toilets, but after a while I heard one of them say, "I'm going for a shit". The footsteps got closer, my heart was pounding then the door opened. It was one of the 4th year lads. I'd seen him before; he was on the football team. He was good looking with dark hair and big blue eyes. "Shit," he said, "what have we got here?" As he spoke I could hear his mate walk over.
"Untie me," I said. "Fuck off!" his mate said, as he pushed passed the dark haired lad. "That's a fuckin’ big cock you've got there. I'll do you a favour and get rid of that hard-on for you." With that he put his hand around my cock and pulled the foreskin back, some pre cum oozed out, he touched it with his fingers and wiped it around my cock head. He felt my balls and then gently started squeezing my shiny tender cock head. I felt myself tremble, "He's going to come", the lad said, and I shot a load of spunk all over the place; most of it landing in the toilet bowl. After that they both left.
Not very long after I heard a lot of voices coming in. "He's in here," one of them said and a mass of faces appeared at the door. It was the third year boys from earlier. They must have told their friends, there was about ten 14 year olds taking it in turns to look at me. As they did so I could feel my cock begin to harden again.
Several of the lads were looking over the sides of the cubicle wall then one of the lads came forward, "Let’s get a souvenir." and he reached out and pulled out a couple of my pubic hairs. Some of the other lads asked him to get them one so he pulled a few more out and passed them round. By now my cock was rock solid again. Another lad moved forward and touched the end of my cock which caused it to twitch and he quickly pulled his hand away. “It feels really hard,” he said. Another lad then put his fingers around my cock pulling the foreskin right back so everyone could see the shiny purple cock head.
He squeezed my cock tight. "Fuck, it really is hard," he said. "Let’s have a feel," another lad said, and he too got hold of my cock. As his fingers ran up and down my shaft I could feel myself coming again.
I shot a load of cum; most of which went over the boys hand and jacket. "Yuk!" he said. As he stepped back all the other lads cheered as I shot each jet of spunk.

The bell for lessons then went and they all ran off.
As I stood there, my cock dripping cum onto my underpants, I remember thinking about the stains it would make when I heard someone come in. The footsteps came straight over to the door; it was the footballer. "Not again," I said.
"No. You’re alright mate. I'm sorry about my friend earlier on." and he started to untie me. I said thanks as he untied my hands and I quickly pulled my underpants up. We eventually found my clothes in one of the other cubicles. As I got dressed I asked him why he'd come back. He said a similar thing had happened to him and he knew what it was like, and he asked me how many times I'd been made to cum. When I said, “Twice.” he said I was lucky, that when it happened to him it had been four times; twice by the same lad.
That was my first experience of being masturbated by force and I did wank off a lot after thinking about what they had done with me.
Phil's email if you care to swap experiences: