Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A Harmless Kink


"Mirror, mirror, on the wall...."

Some of you are probably too young to remember the mirror craze of the 70s. It was thought quite the kink to put mirrors above the bed, but plenty of people did. When that seemed a bit too obvious for some folks, the mirrored closet doors came into vogue. Of course, the designers excuse was "it made the rooms seem larger," and the kink of watching yourself during sex was just a perk.

Today, with the proliferation of selfies in front of mirrors, it seems the craze is making a comeback. 

And some guys are taking it a step further and watching themselves jack off as evidenced by an email I received after a guy visited his brother and saw a mirror all splattered and streaked and wanted to know if that meant his brother is a narcissist.

Is it narcissistic?

Maybe a little. As long as this dude isn't "all about himself 100% of the time," I'd say it's just a pretty harmless kink.

Let him enjoy himself.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Laugh-Out-Loud Funny


Faithful Reader Jean sent along the link to this video of one of the U.S.' national treasures. I'd never seen it, and it's laugh-out-loud funny. Perfect for Monday Giggles.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Very Obvious

Yesterday's post ended up being a perfect lead-in for this. Spontaneous boners are expected. Guys deal with them all the time. Spontaneous cum? Not so much.

But it does happen to some guys.

Spontaneous Ejaculation (SE, once called SjE).

I covered this way back in 2015 (you can read the post Here). But recent studies are showing that doctors are still somewhat confounded.

It may be expected with an exercise boner as movement of material causes stimulation.

But with no stimulation, it can sneak up and surprise you.

This is not the nocturnal emission, or wet dream, you may have experienced. 

This is a for real, non-sexually stimulated ejaculation.

According to the recent article Spontaneous Ejaculation: A Focused Review for Clinicians at PubMed - National Library of Medicine / National Center for Biotechnology, it can be a distressing experience for some guys. Just like premature ejaculation, it's considered "ejaculatory dysfunction." Sadly, the understanding of this particular phenomenon is limited.

"The process of ejaculation has important meanings not only for its association with orgasm but also for the timing to ejaculate in the context of sexual activity. Spontaneous (involuntary) ejaculation (SE) without any sexual stimulation is a distressing symptom. Our understanding of SE is limited. Unfortunately, many physicians are not aware of these cases.

"SE is one of the least reported ejaculatory dysfunctions. The key feature shared in common by these men is SE without any sexual thoughts or fantasies, may be triggered by non-sexual contexts, rarely associated with orgasm or erection. Treatment by psychoanalytic treatment and pharmacotherapy may be helpful. Further research might explore the definite underlying mechanisms."

According to American Journal of Psychiatry, an unexpected ejaculation can occur with severe anxiety.

"The central noradrenergic neurophysiology that anxiety may share with sexual excitement could provide a basis for spontaneous ejaculation during anxiety. The pharmacology of spontaneous ejaculation during opiate withdrawal is used to elaborate this central noradrenergic model."

Women experience unexpected "lady boners," just like guys sprout wood at odd times. Spontaneous orgasms are more common in women, though still rare. However, just like the boner, the difference is that, with men, it's very obvious.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Stop Worrying


On my way in for a massage, a young guy stopped me. 'Course, my initial thought was he was panhandling. Instead he asked if he could ask a personal question. He was about to go in for his first time and was really nervous. "What do you do if you get a boner?"

I guess he figured the old dude was safe enough and experienced enough. My answer won't surprise any long-time reader of this blog. "If you get a boner, you get a boner. Don't worry about it. Masseurs know all about guys getting erections during a massage. They're taught during their training. They'll usually ignore it."

Some, like Gabriel, take it as a complement, that it proves they're doing their job.

The more people understand the physiological makeup of the male anatomy, the better off we'll all be. Guys develop spontaneous hard-ons about eleven times a day --- for non-sexual reasons. (Search this blog for the tag BOE.)

Getting a boner during a massage can happen.

Getting a boner during exercise, like running, can happen.

Getting a boner during a physical exam, can happen.

Getting a boner watching television can happen.

Getting a boner riding in a car can happen.

Getting a boner sitting in a classroom can happen.

Getting a boner just walking down the street can happen.

Guys get boners when they have absolutely zero control over the thing.

"A Mind of its own."

Just accept that fact of life, stop worrying about it and stop being ashamed of it.