Thursday, August 31, 2023

Rare Follow-up


Ah, the rare follow-up from a Reader who asked for advice.

"I wanted to give you an update as of now. 

Usually we play golf every Wednesday,  however,  it was triple digits so I canceled yesterday.  He was upset,  so I told him my plans were to swim and drink till the kids came home. I told him he is more than welcome to come over but I was swimming naked ( again kid free, wife was at work) he said he was fine with that.  

He came over, asked if he could also skinny dip, I said sure.  We swam for about an hour. Then we went to the pool house to eat.  Without asking,  I threw some porn on.  He didn't seem to care. We ate our food, after which,  I stared to jerk off. He caught on and did the same. We both came relatively at the same time. We cleaned ourselves up and went back to swimming. There was no mutual touching, except the usually horseplay that happens in pools. 

When it was time to be done, he asked if we could have more days like this.  I said sure."

Hanging out with a friend and swimming naked? That's my kind of day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A True Dilemma


"Please help! A true dilemma on my hands. We went to aclub with another couple and because he doesn't dance I danced with her. I got one of those spontaneous boners you've talked about maybe from my dick rubbing against material? She mustve thought it was her because every time I tried to back away she pulled closer. Then she actually put her hand on it and rubbed. After I had to go to t he men's room and clean up. I don't want to do anything with this couple again but don't know what excuse to tell my wife why because her and her girlfriend are close friends. How do I get out of this without being the bad guy?"

Oh, my.... That was an awkward boner if there ever was one! And  you "creamed your jeans," as we used to say, on top of it? Instead of pulling away, the better move would have been to excuse yourself before it went that far. Like, to the men's room as soon as the boner popped up. Not necessarily to stroke one out but to allow it to dissipate. What do you do now? Good question.

I'm not sure you want to tell your wife that her bestie gave you a hand job on the dancefloor. But, how well do you know this woman? Is she the type who will tell your wife that you were grinding against her?

 If so, you need to take the bull by the horns and explain spontaneous boners and ejaculations to your wife before that happens.

Any ideas, Readers?

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

A Rash


"I have followed your blog for years. I appreciate all the information that you provide. I have a problem that has been going on for some time and I'm hoping you and your followers might be able to help.

Iv'e dealt with eczema my whole life. When I was younger it manifested on my thighs and just below my groin. For the last ten to twelve years I have had issues with the glans of my penis. I have gone to a dermatologist for years and he tells me that there is no cure for eczema. I am aware of that. In all the years that he has treated me, the redness has diminished but it has never gone away. I have gone through at least a dozen different  prescriptions. The last being Triamcinolone Acetonide, which is a steroid that needs to be used sparingly.
I'm reaching out to you on the hopes you or your followers might suggest something that will truly help.
I'm 63. I live right outside of Athens,  Georgia USA.

Thank you so much."

I can relate to the frustration. What I thought was eczema on my glans turned out to be psoriasis. Who knew psoriasis could show up on the cock? It was white and scaly and itched like crazy. The steroid cream cleared it up within a few weeks.

If the cream isn't working, I'm going to suggest you consult a Urologist --- if you haven't already. Though a dermatologist should know that a rash on the cockhead is not normal, a urologist might be more informed on how to treat it.

However, I will post your issue and the photos sent along and we'll see what Readers might suggest. I know there are a few who are in the medical field.

Here's hoping a solution is found soon!


Monday, August 28, 2023