Thursday, February 29, 2024

Leap Day


Good morning.

Today...the sun is shining and...

Go get naked and enjoy

Leap Day

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Itchy Balls


Good morning.

"My god my balls itch like crazy. I don't see anything weird so what the hell is going on?"

Since the irritation is strictly on and around the scrotum, it's not crab lice. Plus, those have nearly been eradicated by the vast majority of guys manscaping.

It sounds to me like you have a yeast infection or a good old-fashioned case of Jock Itch.

Akin to Athlete's Foot, the rash just loves warm, moist, dark places like the crotch.

Guys' crotches can sweat a lot when wearing briefs. Yes, even those that claim to "wick away moisture.'

The remedy is Monistat, or Lotrimin; either a cream or powder spray. Either is available OTC at local stores.

The prevention involves getting some fresh air to the area. I suggest --- if you can --- freeballing (going commando) during the day.

If that's not possible, if you wear anything below the waist to sleep ... stop. Now. Sleeping in the nude would allow enough fresh air to help you dry out. Not to mention removing any possibility of rolling over on a nocturnal boner and cracking the Tunica. Cracking that inner sheath can lead to Peyronies Disease, a bend in the boner, caused by the scar tissue.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Gym Encounter


Good morning.

"I'm a middle-aged straight guy who's been reading your blog for a while. I appreciate your insights into male health and sexuality, but I never thought I'd be asking you a question. I go to a gym that is not hardcore and has a friendly mix of people. There is a men-only sauna and Jacuzzi off the men's locker room, and while there doesn't seem to be an official dress code, everyone I have ever seen in the sauna or Jacuzzi has been wearing swim trunks or gym shorts. The men here appear to be discreet when it comes to nudity. There is also a restroom around a corner off the locker room. I was in the restroom recently using the urinal, and when I turned around, there was a nude guy walking around with a hardon. He seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see him, but he didn't turn away. I was shocked and frankly felt it was creepy. I washed my hands and left. My theory is that he was jerking off in a toilet stall and didn't hear me enter the restroom, so when he left the stall he thought no one was there (but that was taking a big risk). Or maybe he was an exhibitionist who wanted to see my reaction? What's your take on this, and has this happened to any of your other readers?"

I find it odd that everyone would have trunks or suits on in a jacuzzi or sauna / steam room that is male-only. But, it seems to be a growing situation with the younger generation.

The last gym I belonged to --- before the Muscular Dystrophy hit --- I was taking water aerobics classes. After class one day, I was in the showers along with a couple other men. Adjacent to the showers were the sinks. Opposite those was a bench. A young guy came marching in, naked with a full erection. He jumped up onto the bench and did poses, watching himself in the mirror above the sinks. No one batted an eye. I thought, "Good for him, he's not embarrassed at all." Could have been an exhibitionist, looking for reactions. If that was the case, he left mighty disappointed. LOL.

It may have been the same situation in your case. If he seemed surprised but not embarrassed, it could've been an exercise erection --- which can and does happen with some men. It could be he's one of those guys who like to get hard and look at themselves - maybe snap a dick-pic.

Though, from what I understand, it's not unusual for men to jack off in stalls, showers, or even the spas and steam rooms.

Readers, have you ever encountered or witnessed guys with erections at a gym?