Friday, January 31, 2020

Naked Man With the Sword

The AMC Oscar Best Film Showcase begins this weekend. Awards season: my favorite time of year - at least for that. (The weather sucks, but....) We've already seen Marriage Story and The Irishman and Judy because AMC won't show them due to the streaming on Netflix or Prime. The only nomination in those three I find worthy is Pesci's. It's going to be one of those years; X should get the naked man with the sword

but XX will take him home.

Have yourselves a wickedly wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

More Talking Roots

A message asking for clarification on the issue of bicycle seats.

"oy, I'm confused...I have always read that vigorous or frequent bicycle riding WAS a potential cause of ED.
Now someone is inserting the bicycle seat under a chair for...saving the perineum and preventing ED?
Now I'm not sure what is what...Can you find out?" JL
The boner-crushing bike seats are to be avoided by guys.

The new designs, labeled as Anatomic Relief Zone Bicycle Seats, protect the perineum. 

We should never sit on anything for any real length of time that doesn't provide proper cushioning. Even those giant exercise balls that have been touted as the perfect way to sit for long periods of time, promote proper posture, and work the core muscles, should be avoided as a replacement for your 8-hour workday desk chair.
Be kind to your cock - the entire thing, not only the length you see when dropping trou. 

 Protect the boner.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

With Care and....

Uh-huh. This is why I so appreciate all my readers.

"Dear Pat,
I read the post on desk chairs and thought I'd share my solution.
A trip to my urologist and a sonogram later proved that's exactly what was happening to me. The doctor told me I needed to quit putting "body crushing pressure" on the perineum. A search for a proper desk chair came up empty so I improvised.
I bought a bicycle seat, removed the hardware and used it as an added cushion at work. Some of the guys made jokes about it so I made it a permanent part of the chair by putting it under the upholstery. It was pretty easy to remove the staples and slip it in and then restaple the cloth. My boners are definitely worth it. -Paul"

So, guys, flagging boners do not need to be a foregone conclusion. With care and a little ingenuity we can prevent them.

Happy to tell you that Faithful Reader French Patrick is home from the hospital. He says he's well, but exhausted. We send our warmest hugs and bisous for continued healing.
I have an appointment today to have the stitches from the minor surgery removed. Have an excellent day.