Friday, April 28, 2017

More About Balls

Another scheduled post, as we deal with the structural issues.
Enjoy some more about balls.
Balls : Episode 12
Talk amongst yourselves...

And have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Small Balls & Boner Killers

So, here's an episode that hits close to home. No, not the anabolic steroid stuff. The hypogonadism - small balls. And, worse, balls that continue to try to crawl up inside the inguinal canal from whence they dropped. (This is the issue which may lead to the removal of both.)

Balls : Episode 11
More than once during the 6+ years of writing this blog, I've cautioned readers to stay away from the steroids. Extended use shrinks the nuts, literally causes them to shrivel up and become useless.
Men, you have to use some common sense here. Is body-building competition worth risking your male health?

Think long and hard - perhaps the pun is intended - about what you're doing to yourself.
 Which leads to a cock that won't stand up


that even using a cock ring won't cure.


The end result is the need for testosterone replacement - just to be able to get a boner.

Erections are the most natural thing in a man's world.
Why would you willingly do something which kills your boners?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

1 Nut Short of a Pair

More about balls.... Men don't like to talk about these things. Like a guy in this episode states, we'd avoid it; we'd rather say, "...let's go grab a beer." The doctor who notes that most men have this fear of talking about their genitals even to a physician. This is exactly why this documentary is so very important. We men have got to learn how to be more open; put that cock out front and center.
Haul out those balls.

Balls : Episode 10

I know if I happen to lose one (or both) in resolving the current issue with mine,
I'd definitely get an implant. It's not only the pleasure of playing with them that I would miss

or having them fondled.

I would feel incomplete without them. Even though the natural ones are very small - as noted by the urologist two weeks ago - and I've dealt with odd looks and stares, and even, "What happened to your balls?" my entire life.

It would just be too weird to reach down there and not have them.

Guys, what would you do, live with one nut or get an implant?
Ladies, what would you want your man to do? 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Artistic Hurt So Good?

The house is still in total disarray. The original cause has been found. Now, on to the repair of that. It will likely be weeks before everything is fixed and life can return to normal. We have approached the $8,000.00 mark in estimated damages. Though, that is nothing compared to what many hurricane and flooding victims have looked at: total loss and devastation. And, as we like to remind ourselves: First world problems. 

So many artistic things have been done with the naked body. Certainly photography has been around for over a century. And, didn't Farrah Fawcett do large canvasses by throwing paint across them and then rolling naked in the paint? Painting with the balls and cock as the brush is a new one for me.
Brent Ray Fraser Live exhibition

Balls : Episode 9

Brent Ray Fraser in his studio
CBT - Cock & Ball Torture. 

Nope. Not me. Mine can feel pain simply by being touched. Not in the "hurts so good" category, either.
But, evidently, there are many men who derive pleasure from this. If you are one of not throw caution to the wind. Make sure your partner doesn't do irreparable damage.
Don't lose a nut - or both - to carelessness. I would think you'd want to keep enjoying them.



Have you ever tried any of this: Tying them up, ball weights, ball pumping, or yanking down on them for ejaculation?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Balls & Gender Identity

another scheduled post whilst I deal with the structural disaster at the house.

Balls : Episode 8

Have a happy weekend....

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Varicocele and Tucking

Varicocele...that's partially what I'm dealing with right now. It flares up and aches something awful. For doctors to continue to tell a guy to learn to live with it is beyond comprehension. Though, that's exactly what my urologist recently told me because, according to him, it's not severe enough to repair.
Doing the tuck...nope. As a dancer, donning a dance strap was uncomfortable enough.
But, these are the things we men deal with when it comes to our

Balls : Episode 7

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Balls : Scrotal Piercing

Balls : Episode 6
We guys seem to love big, low-hanging nuts. The bigger, the better. The lower they hang, the better.
Piercing? I imagine getting a scrotal piercing. What happens if it gets ripped out? All my brain does is think how much it would hurt to have it get caught on something and.... Ouch!
I'm going to have to leave a comment on this episode and ask if he did any research on that. His answer: "While I'm sure that's happened to some guys, we didn't come across any with that painful sounding story in our interviews!"
Thank goodness for that.

House is torn up from finding the leak. Fix is supposed to commence and be finished today. Then we'll have to find someone to repair all the damage from the fixing. ***sigh***
(First world problems.)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Structural Damage

Major structural damage on the home front. Hopefully, it will be fixed before the week is out. But, in the meantime.... Here's

Balls : Episode 5

Many of us can't fathom losing even one ball. But, for transgender male to female the balls are a hindrance, something that feels foreign to them. It's a major structural defect. Yet, Testicular Cancer doesn't discriminate. While the testicles remain there is still the need to check them.
Hope to be back with you by the first of next week. In the meantime....we'll try to catch up on the Balls documentary as scheduled posts.

Please! if you run a blog, join the
April Testicular Awareness Campaign
Remind your readers to check their balls!