Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've got some costume suggestions for you all. Or, if you're staying home to hand out candy, perhaps you'll get some Trick or Treaters who look like this:

Or, you may decide to give everyone a Trick and hand out candy dressed like this guy.

Of course, you could opt to stay home alone like this guy:
Whatever you do, don't imbibe too heavily and get sick.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Hope You Found a Way

I hope everyone on the east coast, within the path of Sandy, has stayed safe - if not completely dry. That you found a way to batten down the hatches and hunker down. My brother's family made it back in the nick of time, really. They started getting hammered last night around 10pm with lake water pouring over the interstate...

If you were one of the 5.2 million customers whose power was either taken out on purpose or blew out from the storm, maybe you found a way to entertain yourself...

With a good book (on an e-reader, of course)...

'Course, this one would've been a good choice! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
Or with your favorite toy... 
Provided the battery in the laptop lasted a while

Provided enough ambient light to watch yourself in the mirror
 If not, you really don't need much light to enjoy your cock...

Or, maybe a bud or two found refuge with you...


Whatever it was you did - I hope you came through it unscathed.

Rings for Your...

We all know how a cock ring can enhance our experience; making our cocks harder and keep them that way for a longer period of time... But have you tried a ring for your Thumb?

That pic I posted yesterday (and repeated today for this post) reminded me about the real use of thumb rings. They aren't just for decoration... Not for us guys anyway.

It was several years ago that my brother-in-law and his family were over for a bbq and swim. He had a thumb ring on and I asked him why he wore it. He answered without hesitation, "I just like the way it looks." But there was a quirky smile on his face. Later on, while we were in the pool he asked me if I wanted to know the real reason he had it. Well, duh!!

"It feels so fuckin' good on the head of my cock when I jack off. It bumps over the ridge in both directions and adds a lot to the stimulation. You should get one."

Well, I didn't think too much about it - though the idea intrigued me. Two months later, for my birthday, my wife gave me a thumb ring. And I tried it. And I liked it. I mean, I really liked it! I don't utilize it every time I whack off, but I sure enjoy it when I do. It's amazing that it's positioned perfectly to rub against the cockhead and that little "pop" over the ridge is exquisite! Get one and give it a try when you next spend time on yourself...

Rings: They aren't just for your cock anymore. Oh, wait... Yes, they are for your cock!

And, it could add quite a bit of pop to your 'parting shot'!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Get a Grip

The book is now available in PRINT and KINDLE at

Click on the book - - It'll take you right out to Amazon!


To all the new Faithful Readers who've signed up to follow over the last four (or so) weeks! Thanks for joining us here at the Big Whack Attack. Hope you stick around and have some fun.

It was a very nice weekend spent with my brother and his family. No, unfortunately, there was no opportunity for the two of us to get together to enjoy a session. Particularly since his prostate removal. Though he did see a sex therapist who taught him how to still manage to get his cock upright and get his rocks off, it's not an easy task for him. It takes a good long while.

Anyway, I hope you all had a very relaxing weekend. Since mine was so extraordinarily busy, today I'm just gonna chill out. Maybe read a good book. But, there will definitely be time for a nice, long, satisfying wank later this afternoon. Enjoy today's chillaxin' dudes.

As our good friend AOM would say... Here's a Parting Shot: