Friday, May 31, 2019

Finish the Celebration

We've come to the end of Masturbation Month. While I haven't posted much in the way of celebrating it, I trust no one really needed my encouragement, anyway.

Though today is the 31st, we all have permission to carry through the weekend. Enjoy yourselves in whatever way you choose to finish the celebration.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Safe Environment

From the Mail Bag:

"When I read your post I laughed and had to write. A younger cousin wanted to stay with me for a week to check out the University in order to get as far away from his ultra religious conservative parents. I warned him I'm a nudist and the minute I get in from work the clothes come off. I showed him to his room and he emerged buck naked with a big grin on his face. A couple days later we were watching TV and he said he was horny and asked if I had any porn. When I asked him what he liked he said, "Anything with hard cocks and money shots." So, when I read that in your post, it cracked me up.

BTW, he registered here after I said he could live here while he went to school. His folks agreed because he'd be with a "clean-cut family member" and even shipped his clothes here. Little do they know! We do a lot of cock stroking and sucking. And, yes, he considers himself 100% straight."

That he feels that comfortable in your house is to your credit. It sounds as if you are both actually beyond labels, despite his declaration of being '100% straight.'

I commend you for providing a safe environment for him to explore and express his sexuality.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Enjoy What You Enjoy

A New comment left on the post Str8 or Gay? from 2014.


I will try to be short....
when I got 20 year old, I discovered gay porn.

In 2008, I got a relation-ship with a girl, but I continued to watch gay porn. And I was happy when she break the relation.
In 2012, my first time with a boy. result: no very well.
In 2018, a new relation with a girl (she have a bf), when starting, all seems to be ok, but due to some stress with my job and his bf (his bf have a mental problem), my mind starting o go in hell, bad pictures in my head, ...

In december 2018, I decide to break. 
January 2019, a sexdate with a boy and his big cock... I got little pain and some doubt.
Now, I found the bator way and by reading some blogs, maybe I'm just a bator ? Why, because I remember that when I was young I already bate by push my cock between my legs.

So, by the fact that I got addicted to gay porn and based on my experiences with girls, I think that I'm gay but reading this blog not help me to accept that.
Anyone can help me about gay or not gay and if possible teach to be a good (gay) bator."

Well, you've run through the experimental stages of sexual awakening.  It very well could be that you are strictly a solo-sexual - a bator, as you put it. 

Whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual doesn't really matter. If you read through that old post before leaving your comment there, you might understand many, many straight men love gay porn. They get what they want to see (hard cocks and money shots) without all the other stuff.

Of course, "Not gay. Guy on guy." typically means no anal penetration. Straight porn is learning to give women more of what they're looking for: story, and meaningful connections. As the industry moves in that direction, men are discovering they can get what they want by watching gay videos.

As today's youth are now saying: Sexual orientation labels are not necessary.
Go enjoy what you enjoy.
But, my readers might have answers to your questions.
Is he "gay, or not gay? Can he learn to be a good (gay) bator?"

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

When You're Ready

There isn't anything in "Male Orgasm: 13 FAQs..." from Healthline that I haven't already posted about at some point along the way. 

The article reminds us to pay attention to parts other than the cock. The balls, the nipples, the prostate, and other erogenous zones, for example. Back to the prostate for The Male G-Spot - it can be stimulated externally; a finger, a tongue, or a vibrator along the perineum can provide all sorts of stimulus to trigger an orgasm.

For more intense orgasms, do those Kegels.
They not only help you learn to control when you cum - they help you build a better boner.

And take your time to build to orgasm. You can edge whether you're with someone or alone. Reaching the peak and staying there as long as you can - or as long as you desire - by changing the stimulation. 
Alone? Switch hands.
With someone? Switch to frot.

The idea is to enjoy yourself. To learn to control when you cum.
So you shoot when you're ready.