Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Itchy Balls


Good morning.

"My god my balls itch like crazy. I don't see anything weird so what the hell is going on?"

Since the irritation is strictly on and around the scrotum, it's not crab lice. Plus, those have nearly been eradicated by the vast majority of guys manscaping.

It sounds to me like you have a yeast infection or a good old-fashioned case of Jock Itch.

Akin to Athlete's Foot, the rash just loves warm, moist, dark places like the crotch.

Guys' crotches can sweat a lot when wearing briefs. Yes, even those that claim to "wick away moisture.'

The remedy is Monistat, or Lotrimin; either a cream or powder spray. Either is available OTC at local stores.

The prevention involves getting some fresh air to the area. I suggest --- if you can --- freeballing (going commando) during the day.

If that's not possible, if you wear anything below the waist to sleep ... stop. Now. Sleeping in the nude would allow enough fresh air to help you dry out. Not to mention removing any possibility of rolling over on a nocturnal boner and cracking the Tunica. Cracking that inner sheath can lead to Peyronies Disease, a bend in the boner, caused by the scar tissue.


Your French Patrick said...

I hope that, after you, Monistat, and/or Lotrimin will effectively come to the aid of your reader.

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.
I wish you to have a great day with no need of these products.

SickoRicko said...

Do you accept Medicare? :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

I say Happy Recovery to the reader!!!

Anonymous said...

phptp #2: perfect depilation!

Anonymous said...

photo #2: perfect depilation!

nakedswimmer said...

Jock itch is literally athlete's foot on the scrotum.

Also, get an antifungal medication. Powders (e.g., Gold Bond) do wonders to help absorb any moisture.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I think he should use the medication and wear boxers and loose-fitting pants. I mix very tight jeans some days and some others wide-legged, loose pants. Maybe he should do the same to give his balls... some air?


Jean said...

Also watch the diet, too much junk foods, highly processed sugar and carbs, feed these kinds of yeast infections..
Look up yeast infections. Hugs and bisous.

Anonymous said...

If it's Jock Itch, it's a fungus that spreads its resistant spores around, so you can easily get re-infected after you have treated the original infection if the same warm, moist environment remains. The recommendation is to eliminate as much as possible that warm, moist environment, treat the infection and microwave slightly damp underwear after washing (which creates steam at a high enough temperature to kill the spores). This doesn't necessarily kill the spores in bed linen and other clothing unfortunately.

Treatment is often an anti-fungal that kills the fungus, like Terbinafine, or Miconazole Nitrate that stops the fungus growing and reproducing so it eventually dies.

I have ongoing Jock Itch issues because I keep getting re-infected: it's too much effort for me to maintain treatment regime for the 2-4 weeks necessary and I find Terbinafine doesn't work for me, but Miconazole Nitrate does provide relief eventually.

Don't necessarily expect the itch to stop overnight with treatment.

A side effect of Miconazole Nitrate is that it seems to temporarily lengthen a foreskin as it relaxes the thin layer of muscle.

The skin on the ball sack is particularly thin, which allows the fungus to penetrate quickly to the nerve endings, creating irritation and itching.

I believe a GP can prescribe medication to stop the itch short term, but the cause needs to be treated.

Xersex said...

it might not be a problem of balls, but of skin. A dermatological problem. Perhaps it is better to consult a doctor.

whkattk said...

@ Rick - Maybe I should apply! LOL

Anonymous said...

Lotrimin has been recalled due to the presence of benzene which is a human carcinogen. Speak to either your health care provider or even your local pharmacist about over the counter options. Keep the area washed with a gentle soap and then use a blow dryer [setting on cool not warm or hot] to make sure the area is dry before applying any anti-fungal medication.

Anonymous said...

Jock Itch [or as its sometimes called crotch rot] is a fungal infection. Many of the suggestions already posted are helpful. These types of infections are very hard to completely eliminate but can be 'managed' to get rid of the worst side affects: the rash, the itch and the odious smell. Over the counter fungal cremes can help with the redness and stinging sensation but for serious cases a topical prescription may be needed. Keep the area clean with an anti bacterial soap and gently dry [the blow dryer set on cool was a good suggestion]. Using a medicated talc like Gold bond will help to absorb some of the sweat that feds the fungus but will not eliminate it. Wear loose fitting boxers to allow for breathability and to prevent the build up of heat which causes sweating and ergo the production of the fungal spores. Sleep in the nude or at a minimum a very loose fitting lite weight material night shirt. Importantly keep any clothing that comes into contact with the area clean: underwear, pjs. trackpants, swim suits and of course jock straps/athletic supporters.

And something else to keep in mind: if you go down on somebody with this infection, it can spread to your lips, gums, tongue and mouth. Men with chronic medical conditions who have compromised immune system are easily susceptible to fungal and yeast infections: diabetics, cancer patients, men with HIV/AIDS. Men can get yeast infections on the tip of their cocks and around their assholes.

Hope this helps.