Monday, December 30, 2019

There Are Solutions

There's still a segment of society that views watching pornography and masturbation as detrimental. A reader left a comment on Friday's post saying that his doctor suggested he stop viewing porn, and the reader took it as a kind of intimation that he should stop masturbating, too.
The reader has experienced some ED, he's tired.... Well, if he's had a thorough physical examination - and I do mean thorough - then I can imagine that, perhaps, the doctor thought the ED issue might be boredom with the porn.
It is possible - and normal - to become bored with it all; seeing the same thing over and over. This is why marriage counselors and sex therapists will tell patients to mix things up; experiment with new locations, new sexual activities.

The same can be said for jacking off. It can become boring, despite surfing porn. Particularly using the same place and techniques. Mix it up. If you normally jack off in your bed at night, have a go at it during the day in the living room. Or during a bath or shower. Or outside (if you have a private enough place).

If you always use your hand, get a masturbation sleeve or fashion one of your own from things you have around the house; a sandwich bag with a bit of olive oil, secured at the base of the shaft with a rubber band. Be inventive.
It could also help to find a buddy. This can be difficult, depending upon where you live. If there is no local group or place where you feel comfortable looking for a buddy, I might suggest booking a vacation to attend either BateWorld's Cock Summit (next one, May 15-17 in San Diego, Ca.), or Healthy Friction (held twice per year; next is August 6-9 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.).

Never give up on yourself. There are solutions.
any other suggestions would be heartily welcome.


SickoRicko said...

Like you said: variety is the spice of life!

JoyLovePeaceHappiness said...

You don't need porn to jerk-off, just do it because it feels good and don't feel like need to go all the way every time. Just get hard as many times a day as you can is my philosophy of keeping my dick healthy as long and as long as I can.
I'm a single gay dude so I can do these, but do what you can.
I switch locations and techniques up regularly; in the car while I'm driving with a cum sock (a clean sock I keep in the glove box), in the lounge chair while watching TV, I'll put lube in a condom and hump one out in bed, a good quality beard oil feels awesome on the boys in the morning, jerk it while making breakfast or dinner, if you're in a meeting just give a little tickle on your balls to say hi.
Get some toys: I use my 10" sound and glass dildo regularly, a cock ring can increase your pleasure, and I'm going to buy a TENS unit today for electro stimulation.
I'd like to join a bate group but there isn't one in UT.

Mistress Maddie said...

O find outdoor or a car jackoff always excites things.

JeanWM said...

The bottom line is use it or lose it. Hugs and bisons.

Fullmoonma said...

Identify the "rituals" that work for you - specific locations and settings - so you are more aware of your options. For example:

1. At desk in morning looking at erotic blogs
2. Alternating short sets of bating with exercise sets
3. Watching porn in the bedroom
4. New age bate - on knees with candles, space music, hot oil
5. Walking around the masturbation in the woods or at the gay swimming hole
6. In middle of night in the dark in the living room
7. Multiple dry orgasms
8. Bating with partner when he's horny - one hand for each cock
9. Combining bating with massage trades
10. One handed in the shower while shaving
11. Sitting outside in the sun
12. Self bondage - whole body or just cock - or with a buddy

for more check out my masturbation blog.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Those twelve ideas are surely tantalizing!
I think my go to is reading erotica? I find it better than porn videos somehow.


whkattk said...

@ Sixpencw - Do you buy and read erotica novels? Where do you find them? And, exactly how explicit is erotica allowed to be?
Asking for a friend. ;-)

Rad said...

Well... for me, just grabbing my husband in bed and holding him tight just seemed to get the juices flowing quite well the past couple of mornings. I had been concerned about ED (noted here a couple of times), but honestly, it's just dealing with life crap. Overbearing jobs, awful schedules, high stress all around. No pill is going to cure that. We are both been on vacation the past week, and are at the point where there are no more chores that have to be done, no place to be, nothing to do. Just a couple wonderful mornings to snuggle naked under the blankets and have really hot and messy sex.

And I felt like Carol Brady and the Christmas Miracle! All the parts all worked!!!

This "day job" shit is for the birds; I want my functioning dick back! Hope to retire in a couple of months.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that mentioned the advice from my doc concerning the porn. For me I can go a really long time without masturbating. However if I view just a few pics of male masturbation while browsing the web then I'll likely masturbate later. In my mind it almost feels like more of a reminder to masturbate rather than something sensual, or erotic. Would this be a sign of boredom? I don't really feel bored. Last night I masturbated and somehow strained muscles in my lower back. I echo what the guy said in UT. There are no clubs or groups near me here in OH.