Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Ball Lift?

Good morning.

"Is there such a thing as a ball lift? Mine hang very low and I hate wearing underwear because there's never enough room. But when I don't I have to be very careful or I sit on my balls. I don't have to tell you how painful that is. I'd like to get my balls lifted but is there such a thing?"

So many men do ball stretching because they want those low-hangers, not realizing the trouble they could be asking for. Sitting on your testicles isn't only painful, it can rupture one or both. That kind of damage can sometimes require them to be completely removed.

Yes, there is such a procedure, called Scrotoplasty. According to Cleveland Clinic:

"People with enlarged scrotums may find sexual activity, exercise or other physical activities uncomfortable due to their scrotums getting in the way.
Scrotoplasty can also improve the appearance of the scrotum for many patients. As a scrotal lift, this procedure can tighten the scrotal tissue, resulting in a tighter and small[er] overall presentation."

Healthline says:

"Scrotoplasty can also help people with large scrotums by making them smaller. People with enlarged scrotums may find sexual activity, exercise or other physical activities uncomfortable due to their scrotums getting in the way, but also for medical reason, such as injury."

It is often most done to remove Scrotal Web - what guys call Turkey Neck - where the sac is attached high up on the shaft. 

The issue there is it can impede sexual function, such as preventing full penetration.

You'll want to make an appointment with a urologist who can refer you to the proper surgeon.


UnapologeticFox said...

99.9% of men would never experience this problem. But of course, there is a surgical solution to everything!
But let's not make guys think this is a common problem
Can we keep in mind also, this blog is NOT medical advice and should not be used as such?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

TMYK, right?????


Mistress Maddie said...

I love low hangers. Mine are usually normal unless it gets real hot or I get hot then they hang low...and I love the feeling of feeling them swing. But I might get over it if they hung low all the time. And yes sitting on them. Ouch.

Your French Patrick said...

You said everything in the first part of your answers. But you are right: it takes more than one blow of a hammer to drive a nail

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.
Have a wondrous Tuesday.

SickoRicko said...

Wow, I never knew.

whkattk said...

@ Fox - You're right, it's very rare. It's the first time in 12-1/2 years of this blog that this issue has ever been brought to my attention. Nope, I am not a physician and this isn't any kind of official medical blog. That is why I consult places like Healthline and Mayo or Cleveland Clinic, but then **always** refer men to their doctor or urologist for an exam and evaluation.

Jean said...

It certainly isn’t common but it sure is nice to know if you are looking for an answer.
Hugs and bisous.

UtahJock said...

A true athletic supporter may be stretchy enough. This is what my doctor told me to wear decades ago.

uptonking said...

Hmmm. Well, different strokes... right? I say wear a jock. As I have gotten older, I have had the weird sensation of sitting on mine... not pleasant. I simply bought new undies with a proper pouch.

jimboylan2 said...

In the pre automotive age, some buckboard drivers (who sat on the unpadded wood seat of an animal powered wagon) wore suspensories (a jockey strap that doesn't support the penis) so their testicles wouldn't be hurt so much from a bouncy ride on rough on roads.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but my office colleague uses athletic supporter under his boxer shorts, looks like a jockstrap, he says to support the balls, on doctor's recommendation.

fullmoonma said...

I kind of by accident bought some "Hanes Total Support Pouch Men's Boxer Brief Underwear" and it lifts my package and points it out front rater than allowing it to slide down one leg. These might be of help to guys with extended scrotums?