Friday, November 17, 2023

Pleasurable Weekend


It's November.

That has significance for two reasons. We covered the first on Wednesday with the Ball Check. The second is because there is a faction of the population that calls this No-Nut November to discourage guys from ejaculating. To be more succinct, it was to stop guys from jacking off.

Started with an online social media because some guys felt like they couldn't go more than a few days without jacking off to porn.

Well, in response, BateWorld is sponsoring an "All You Can Bate" month-long celebration.

There's no reason to avoid the pleasure of self-pleasure. So, go ahead. Enjoy yourselves.


With a friend

Or a group of friends

Have a pleasurable weekend.


SickoRicko said...

What a nutty idea!

Mistress Maddie said...

I like to see one guy who can do the month of no nutting!!!! Ain't no such thing!!! Meanwhile screwed that....Im getting a erotic massage this weekend. I hope I like the guy...its taken me awhile to find a guy in this area that does them and I hope the chemistry is right.

Jeff said...

Hello !
Another fundamentalist Catholic idea.
Good fun session

paulmmn said...

Isn't not nutting for a month (whichever month it is) bad for the prostate? Keeping the fluids flowing is one of the things to keep your prostate healthy! Even Ernest Borgnine admitted that he masturbated!

Your French Patrick said...

The cumshot in a fireworks in the first image is nothing less than awesome!

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.
Have a great weekend.

BatRedneck said...

Ouch! No way I could deprive myself from self-pleasure for a whole month :-)
Although I know from experience that it's really worth it: about twenty years ago I went into a Gillain-Barré syndrome which had me paraplegic for two months and a half, from toes up to the neck. Once I got out of it and had enough liberty of movement back, I was pleased to note that my dick also was willing to get back on track. And, while still at the hospital, my first jack off after such an abstinence led to the strongest climax I've ever had in my life.
(that is, if I set aside the incredible and long lasting anal orgasms my body sometimes seems to be fond of, LoL)

Big Dude said...

I am once again feeling lucky that I was raised to not be ashamed to jack off. My Dad and I did it together, and sometimes some of the men who worked for/with him came over, or went camping with us, and we would hold a circle jerk. The way our country is headed now, I would not be surprised to see jacking off declared a crime.

Hooter from Owls Rest said...

I have heard that a guy should ejaculate at least three times a week to help keep from getting testicular cancer. Keeps the systems flowing. A healthy prostate is a happy prostate. So here's to health.

Anonymous said...

I never heard about that, what the fuck!!

Rad said...

Sorry, but I have reached that age where, if the parts are willing and able to play, they get to play!

I had been allowing my excuse to be "Too damn many depressing things in this world!", then rolled over Sunday morning and found my husband still in bed. The parts sprung into action and we had a wonderful, long romp!

Big Dude said... doctor told me that. They did studies at UCLA and Michigan (if I remember correctly) some years back.

Anonymous said...

How about we introduce "no credit card Christmas" for the ladies and see how they feel about it? It's only fair both genders consider their own addictions.

Xersex said...

fun of everyone here!