Friday, May 10, 2024

Crap Shoot


Good morning.

"My older brother and I shared a room growing up. He lost his privates in an IED overseas. When he was recovering we were back to sharing a room I tried to hide my erections. I mean I felt bad that he didn't have his. He told me I should be thankful for every hard I got and I should be proud of them and enjoy them. I wonder why such a normal thing got turned into something shameful."

It seems as if your brother was trying to tell you that life is a crap shoot and we never know when we will lose what we have, or the ability to use it. He's right.

We're taught to be ashamed of our anatomy --- whether soft or hard. How the male body became a shameful thing is beyond me. Why we're taught to be embarrassed when our cocks get hard is beyond me. Especially since it's suddenly celebrated when a pregnancy is announced. How do those folks who think a boner is a terrible thing think that happened?

Thank you for writing in and encouraging people to not only accept what men have but to be happy they work and to enjoy them while they can.

Have a good weekend.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Most men I know like their junk.
But I can imagine how he felt self-conscious after his brother had that accident...


Hooter from Owls Rest said...

I did go back and find the dancing video and it was amazing. Thank you for pointing it out. Had to look closer to find it.

Your French Patrick said...

Did they have the good idea to discuss it among themselves? If they agree on the same opinion it will be the right one.
Which does not detract from the relevance of Pat's answers.

Big hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.
Have a groovy weekend.

Mistress Maddie said...

That is exactly why I enjoy the Woods Campground. No one is ashamed or embarrassed by anything...being naked or getting pop up hard one.! It's life....and we go about drinking!

Anonymous said...

In the 1700's and 1800's even masturbation was discouraged, but the Victorian era still carried the concept of sex only for procreation. The free love era opened things up somewhat, but I think there has been a regression since then due to feminism facilitating womens choice and womens subjective feelings as paramount, which has begun to equate male sexuality with womens fear of sexual harassment and sexual assault, so consequently any expression or symbolism of male sexuality is starting to be viewed with a degree of paranoia.

I believe this is going to get worse.

However, I think men have become too focused on penile triggered orgasms to the exclusion of other orgasm triggers, like prostate triggered and are denying themselves other sexual pleasure avenues that will become important in future. Male sexuality is not just defined by what is between your legs.

I think it is important that men better understand and accept their bodies and pass on that knowledge to their sons so that they have more options, because I think they will need them in the future as masculinity comes under greater attack by fearful women. There are already many young men becoming suicidal because women are denying them sex and creating them as involuntarily celibate because of womens choice becoming quite arbitrary and excluding many quite normal men who do not match an increasingly detailed shopping list of characteristics.

It's quite tragic as it ultimately denies both men and women relationships that would otherwise be compatible except for extreme selectivity.

I suspect men will also eventually be prevented in having male-only groups as women insert themselves into everything because of anti-discrimination legislation, leaving only male friendships as places women will not be able to gate-crash.

Big Dude said...

For the umpteenth time, I have to say how glad I am that my Dad made me unashamed of my dick. To the man who lost his, my hand is extended in brotherhood. You are strong and we men appreciate that.

Jean said...

Have a good weekend too. Hugs and bisous

Anonymous said...

Very sad story, but I have to agree with him, he carried on with his beautiful spirit!

uptonking said...

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

@ Big Dude - your experiences with your Dad are legendary, as much as you have shared them, and I am quite envious having had a Dad who was very distant and hands-off in educating me about a mans world.

Have you written these factual experiences somewhere on the internet, in an accessible form, to share with interested men who did not have the benefit of similar experiences?

Anonymous said...

The last guy would be so much hotter is he hadn't shaved his pubs.

Xersex said...

love the guy with his dick in the refrigerator (#2)