Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Str8 / Bi Guy J/O

Okay, this is for all the straight and bi guys out there… (BiLikeMe) A fellow blog some of you may be familiar with has asked a rhetorical (I’m sure) question about why women seem to find it necessary to punish their men by either a. withholding sex, or b. giving them the silent treatment, or c. both.

I know none of you Ladies out there would do this…you’re more concerned about the better dynamic of a full, happy, and satisfying relationship without all the game-playing. And what I’m about to say won’t be news to you at all. But, let me offer apologies in advance to any of you who may find my words offensive. Because the flip side is that you shouldn’t feel obligated either to get your guy off.

I suffered this type of punishment during my first marriage until I figured out it was my own fault! That’s right, you read that correctly; it was my own fault. I propagated the idea in her head that I needed her. I needed her primarily to relieve my raging hard-on, to ease my aching balls. And the only avenue to that relief was to ensure her happiness at all costs – a lot of the time to my own detriment. It took me about 7 years to realize I was sabotaging myself.

That was when I began to react to her silence, her glare, and her cold shoulder between the sheets by…not reacting. I smiled and remained my chipper self. She didn’t want to fuck? Fine. No problem. I had hands – I’d use them, just like I did when I was a horny 16-year-old kid trying to tame my perpetually hard pecker before I managed to charm my way into her panties a year later. I started to jack off in plain sight – right there in the bed next to her! I stroked and pounded my pud and blew my load all over. I didn’t care at all if the sheets, pillows, or headboard got splattered. Then I’d sigh with relief, roll over and go to sleep.

Of course, she told me what I was doing was “disgusting.” And, I’ll admit, it bothered me at first. Then, I realized I couldn’t expect any other reaction from a girl who’d grown up in a household with only one male (her father). Plus, it was in a time when jacking off was still mainly a furtive activity. Even those night-time boners and wet dreams weren’t understood for the physiological necessity they are.

What I accomplished through taking my stiff dick into my own hands was to prove to myself, and ultimately her, that I didn’t need her. I was perfectly capable of relieving my man-berries all by myself; I was, in fact, more than capable, I was better at it than she ever thought to be. Though you couldn’t blame a lack of trying, because I sure as hell tried to teach her how to coddle my cock and nuzzle my nuts with the proper amounts of care and wild abandon.

I’m ecstatic that wife #2 is well aware of my talents when it comes to cock. It’s made it possible for us to never, ever attempt such foolishness. We treat each other with the respect we both deserve. There’s no withholding of sex, no long, icy silences, because while we do enjoy one another, we are both well aware that we don’t need each other for anything; we can both be quite self-sufficient. Yes, that means I know she’s quite skilled in her own right; she doesn’t need my fingers, or my tongue, or my cock.

So, gentlemen, in order to drag yourselves out of the hole you’ve dug, grab your dick. Stroke that hard-on for all you’re worth, lovingly, with the skill you know you’ve mastered since you started polishing your knob as a kid. Blast that geyser of gooey hot jizz. Let her know you’re doing it; if she’s aware of how satisfying your explosions can be, that you indeed do not need her, maybe – just maybe – she’ll realize she’s only punishing herself.


Westernstock said...

Great piece of writing. Just makes you want to read on. Magnificent pics too. Love the guy jacking in jeans, and the next one's tatts.

Miss Sunshine said...

I'm sorry, but I laughed the whole way through until you got to the part where you blew your load on the bed and rolled over. My husband never needs a reason to take care of himself, I am more than willing to do anything he asks. Having said that if/when he does choose to jack off he damn well better wipe that shit up before he goes to bed! If I can swallow and take it in the ass, he can wipe his mess up. We have a good relationship though so there's no need for us to be that way, thank God.

Now back to the laughing. I only laugh because I know a lady who is completely disgusted by the thought of self gratification, and as I read I kept seeing her face and hearing her voice.

Also, I thought all men wanted the silent treatment from their women. I mean they are always telling us to shut-up!!!! lol

Great post today. So many people, men & women alike, are still in the belief that self gratification is wrong. Or that if you do it you're not satisfied with them.

Thank you for all your help in the world of self discovery and men's health.


JACK said...

hahaha one of the best posts i've ever read on any blog anywhere ever.

whkattk said...

Thanks, ya'll!

@ CoreyJo - Oh, that poor, poor lady. But, more importantly, pity the poor man in her life who must hide in the bathroom... Does she really believe he's in there READING? LOL!

Ed said...

Classic. Perfect description of the dysfunction between the sexes.

One of the main problems, as I see it, is that women think sex is all about love. Love, in the classic mind/psychological sense. These women seem to forget that if they don't get that whisper in the ear they want, a good way to get it is to give their man mind-bending sex rather than pouting and withholding sex. I think it's safe to say that most guys who are severely stressed in their lives by job or finances or whatever, are more likely to get lovey-dovey after they've had a mind-bending orgasm.

Miss Sunshine said...

Very well said Ed. I agree 100%. My Sailor is always more relaxed and lovey dovey afterwards!!

Whkattk, I don't know what she thinks. But I'm not going to be the one to tell her the truth! lol


whkattk said...

@ CoreyJo - Well, send her to my blog - I'll set her straight! ;-)