Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Good Ache?

So, yesterday's post about ground nuts got me to thinking about a different type of aching balls.

Have you ever spent an entire afternoon (or evening) with someone - wife, girlfriend, significant other - doing all kinds of great sexual stuff but, every time you announced (or they knew by instinct) you were about to blow your load, they stopped you? Time after time? For five or six hours? Until you just couldn't take it any more? And they had you begging them to let you cum? Talk about aching balls.

Your cock is so hard you swear you could cut diamonds, the sac has filled with fluids, your prostate is bloated, and The Boys are swollen to unbelievable proportions and they hurt like a son-of-a-bitch! It happened to me once at a jack-off group.

I had hooked up with these two guys I'd had my eye on during past meetings. Both had seemed very skilled at stroking the one-eyed snakes in the room and I very much wanted to experience what they had to offer. Never thought I'd get them both at the same time, though.

We'd already been at each others bloated boners and bagged balls for close to three hours. We stopped for one short, very much needed piss break and got right back at it. Maybe another 35 to 45 minutes passed while we played and teased, stroking and being stroked, when I felt my balls start to pull up. I raised my hips off the floor and before I knew it, one of them grabbed my balls and yanked down on them hard enough to put a halt to my impending explosion. One at a time these guys straddled me and shot their loads all over my burgeoning boner.

They used their slick, warm cum to stroke my hard-on, tease my cockhead, play with my balls, and poked a finger at my prostate. Every time I got close they stopped. It went on and on. I tried to grab my dick and they pinned my arms at my sides. I was literally writhing on the floor, thrusting my shaft through their closed fists, squeezing my butt-cheeks, doing anything I could I was so desperate to blow my wad. At some point I lost all cognizance of everything but the sensations in my cock and the increasing ache in my nuts. I needed to get off and started gasping for breath, begging them to let me cum, to make me shoot my load. Those bastards made me beg for a good ten minutes more before one of them finally wrapped both hands around my shaft. With agonizing, slow strokes all the way up and over my cockhead and back down to my uptight nuts, he milked the batter from me. My torso arched up off the floor and the first squirt shot well over my head! All together, I think I jettisoned 15 strong blasts of jizz before it slowed to a steady leaking flow and I collapsed in a heap. I was so covered in cum you'd have thought the entire group of guys had stood over me to empty their man-berries.

I swear I don't remember ever experiencing an ejaculation like that before or since. As exquisite as it was, my nuts ached for two days. I'm not even sure it was a good ache. Our Boys can be mighty, mighty sensitive and even a thorough emptying like they gave me can cause temporary trauma.


Anonymous said...

Just blew my load reading your fucking hot story. I've had that ache too after some serious edging, I am not sure it was good for my boys or not. The orgasm was intense and amazing but the ache did worry me. Thanks for the stroke buddy. Hugs, AOM

O!Daddie said...

o my starz, u guys sure know how to throw a party.. nothing like that ever happens around here. fkin jealous I am...

NTS said...

Exactly O!Daddie.