Friday, September 1, 2023

What Readers Say


"A while back, my doctor asked if my erections were satisfactory. I'm 67 now, and this was a few years ago. I stated that my hard-ons were sufficient for sexual play and for ejaculations to occur, but not hard enough for anal penetration. I probably wasn't that precise with my language, but he got the point. He suggested I try Viagra, and I did. It firmed things up, but the side effects were terrible: severe headaches, racing pulse, and dry mouth. Totally not worth it to me.

Reporting this back to the doctor, he suggested cutting the pills in half, and the results are less severe, but still not worth it. I gave up.

Now I'm reading about generic Cialis (tadalafil) and I'm interested in the low-dose, daily version rather than the on-demand version. I'm wondering if other readers of your blog have used it, and what the results and side effects have been. Or if there's something newer/better. And thanks for the helpful info you share here for the sake of men's health."

I suggested asking for Cialis and taking a 1/2 dose per day (based on what fellow blogger fullmoonma reports doing).

Then, this overnight update:

"I reached out to my doctor and was surprised with a same-day response.His reply was that the 2.5mg daily dose of Cialis (which is what I inquired about) is what is typically prescribed for prostate issues (which I don't have). He said he would send the prescription but I should take it every other day. I'll give it a test run and we'll reevaluate in two months. Still eager to hear what fellow BWA readers have to say." 

So, Readers, whatever experience you may have to share in would be appreciated.

One hell of an electrical and thunderstorm is hitting right now. I'm attempting to get this posted before the power goes out ---- again.

In other news.... Canada issues Travel Advisory for LGBTQ+ planning to visit the U.S.

"Canada's travel advisory for the U.S. now includes a cautionary message for those who consider themselves two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning or intersex — or 2SLGBTQI+ for short. “Some states have enacted laws and policies that may affect 2SLGBTQI+ persons,” the advisory says." - NBC News

Be safe.


Sentimental Fury said...

Viagra at the highest dose caused horrible migraines and light sensitivity. Sitting in a dark room with a blanket over my head waiting for my brain to explode wasn't worth the erection it gave me. Cialis worked well, but after 3 or 4 days on the daily dose, I would wake up with intense back pain that took a few hours to subside. The very low dose of Viagra seems to work better. I get mildly stuffy and my vision gets slightly blurry. I can work with those.

paulmmn said...

Another 'thing' to try-- Kegel exercises. Scrunch up the muscles used to cut off a stream of pee-- it should make your cock move. If it's hard, it'll flex up and down!

Your French Patrick said...

I have never used Viagra or Cialis or any product with the same purpose, and therefore I cannot answer but I hope your reader will find one on this page.

This would allow him to have a weekend as good as the one I wish for you, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Hugs and bisous.

Ramón said...

I had a similar reaction to Viagra when it was first released to the market. I later switched to Cialis, but I saw only minimal decreases in side effects.
In the years since, I've relied to over-the-counter products; one of them is working well for me - Hot Rod 500. I get the same results as the prescription models and only slight effects out of the ordinary - slight pupil dilation and I avoid acid by drinking plenty of water.

SickoRicko said...

I've never tried the low-dose Cialis. I always prefered the on-demand Cialis over Viagra.

JiEL said...

I'm a gay Canadian man and I have some gay friends living in Delaware and Florida which I'm no more visiting because of the dangers of going in USA for the danger of being spotted as gay by some radical straight guys.

In Freburary 2002, my then BF and I went to visit his aunt in Myrtle Beach S.Carolina and it was obvious that LGBTQ were not welcome there.
What was a big surprise was that all radio stations were Christian oriented ones.
Also his aunt brought us in a Catholic mass on sunday. The thing what was outstanding is the size of the church and most of all the huge shoping center size all full.

But another reason which get me off for visiting USA is the number of mass shootings all over and no matter where. When the guns and AR-15 type of weapons are more numerous thant the US population, it's quite scary.

I feel safer living in Montreal, Canada.

Anonymous said...

My doctor friend who is in his early 60’s takes 5mg every day. And then injects for sex. My uro gave me 5mg as I am 77 and had prostate cancer treatment. I haven’t been regular in taking the daily dose but was taking 15mg for sex. That I recently upped to 20mg because 15 wasn’t getting me hard enough. The side effects are less with Cialis but I had a lingering headache the next day. If I take Tylenol 500 or the 8hour with my Cialis I avoid all the bad side effects.
My friend put me onto the Xialla cock ring which I have found helpful.

fullmoonma said...

Fun to see my photo here! Yes, I've been taking daily Cialis for 20 years now. My ED seems to have been caused by starting blood pressure med (Enalapril) in my 50's, and probably to some extent by lower testosterone as I age. I started with Viagra but a friend who was a rehab medicine doc suggested Cialis would be better. I've been taking 10 mg/day, which is more than the 5mg recommended daily dose that came out after I started. I occasionally try 5 mg/ day for a week, but it doesn't work as well for me. Now I can get a hardon whenever I want to as long as I'm sitting up or standing. I do multiple dry orgasms and only ejaculate once a month. Refractory period after 20-30 dry orgasms is a couple hours. After a wet orgasm, several days to a week. I purchase generic viagra from India through a service in Cyprus - $1 per 20 mg pill in 8 month quantities. My HMO won'r prescribe the quantity I need for a daily dose and the cost would be a lot more.

John said...

Your story sounds exactly like mine, but I’m only 53. I started on Viagara and had the same side effects then switched to Cialis. We played around with the dosage and frequency but I still can’t find a consistent one that doesn’t give me headaches. My best self-prescribed dose is a half a pill daily if you’re looking to be ready for sex anytime. Honestly, though I’ve found it most effective to take it when I need it to get the best erections, otherwise I work up a tolerance to it and they aren’t as strong. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully not needing levitation support at this stage of my life as yet, the post raises some interesting associated questions that I am curious about.

Are erections necessary in order to achieve ejaculation and orgasm, or is it more of a psychological issue that only suggests they are linked because that is the most common expected situation?

Is there a greater pleasure in being able to achieve an erection and thus engage in anal or other sex, or is it also a psychological association that suggests it because it is the most common expected situation and when it doesn't occur it seems like a complete failure?

I ask because it occurred to me that both partners could still achieve pleasure through the use of dildos etc and alternative stimulation, even if a penis was not erect, unless an erect penis confers some additional pleasurable aspect I am not aware of and was essential to pleasure.

Adam said...

In response to Anonymous, I'll speak to my experience. No expertise here. My erections make it easier to ejaculate because there's something "to work with". I've heard men say its delightful to cum hands-free from prostate stimulation even when they are not erect. And sure, there's pleasure to be found in using dildos and toys. I'm thinking about hand-on-penis masturbation, and in my experience, hardness helps it along.

Anonymous said...

@ fullmoonma - I'm dying to know which of those photos is you and also how you achieve dry orgasms.

Rad said...

I am (now) 62. I had no-T; testosterone levels at or around zero. Could not perform, zero interest in sex. My doctor prescribed Tadalafil/Cialis 5mg a few years ago. It helped a little. T levels have come back up a bit, erections are now more prominent (especially over night), but the sex life is still pretty much nil.

I am moderately obese (6'3" 314lbs) and fighting a bunch of other body issues (joint and muscle problems - related), and that is not helping matters - hard to fuck when you have a Charley Horse or Plantar Faciitis flaring up. I wish I had better results, but I guess anything is better than nothing.

No ill effects, no headaches, etc. Just wish it were... more sexual energy.

nakedswimmer said...

@Anonymous: Well, it depends. Most men can only achieve an orgasm through penile stimulation.

What we have is akin to how sexist psychologists used to say the clitoral orgasm was "immature". And those same psychologists also claimed they could cure homosexuality.

whkattk said...

@ Anon, September 3, 2023 at 8:35 PM - Photo #5, kicked back in the office chair.

Anonymous said...

I'm 67 and in fairly good health. I have erectile dysfunction which is a side effect of an antidepressant I take. Unfortunately, changing that med is not an option now. I cannot get an erection at all. My doctor recommended Cialis first. I was able to get a not completely hard erection which was good. Unfortunately, the side effects - primarily severe headaches - were too bad to continue the med. My doctor recommended Viagra, first 1/2 tablet - no good - and then 1 full tablet, which gives me a sort of hard erection 50% of the time.

Jeffrey Hamilton said...

thought I'd add my experience for general interest: at almost 71 yrs of age, I often don't need any additional stimulation other than love and the close presence of my sexy boyfriend. But for the second round (we meet each weekend) or if I'm feeling a bit tired, anxious or distracted, or I've cum in the last day or two, Viagra sure helps. But I only use one quarter of a tab, does the trick every time, with no side effects.

Anonymous said...

@ whkattk - Thanks, it helps to put a name to a face, especially when its pointed out, otherwise it becomes a frustrating tease.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on erections and pleasure. The way most men seem to become desperate over losing an erection and will try anything to regain it, I wasn't sure if it was because they think it's all completely broken and sex is hopeless because that's all they have known (which it's not because there are other ways to obtain pleasure apparently than with an erect penis) or whether an erection confers some additional magic that is lost without an accompanying erection.

whkattk said...

@ Anon, September 6, 2023 at 7:21 AM - You're welcome.

whkattk said...

@ Anon, September 6, 2023 at 7:28 AM - You're welcome. That's one of the reasons why I do this blog - to help people understand the workings of the male anatomy. It's certainly not the simple "get a boner and cum" that a (seemingly) vast majority of people think. It's a complicated piece of machinery.

Mintora said...

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