Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Greater Sensation


"Are erections necessary in order to achieve ejaculation and orgasm, or is it more of a psychological issue that only suggests they are linked because that is the most common expected situation?

Is there a greater pleasure in being able to achieve an erection and thus engage in anal or other sex, or is it also a psychological association that suggests it because it is the most common expected situation and when it doesn't occur it seems like a complete failure?

I ask because it occurred to me that both partners could still achieve pleasure through the use of dildos etc and alternative stimulation, even if a penis was not erect, unless an erect penis confers some additional pleasurable aspect I am not aware of and was essential to pleasure. "

Is an erection necessary to ejaculate? No. It is possible to ejaculate without a full, solid erection.

But, yes, it does add to the pleasurable sense of overall satisfaction. The harder it is, the better if feels.

Touch your soft penis. Sure, it feels nice.

Now touch your erection. The sensation is greater, more pronounced.

While I couldn't find any medical information on why that is, I posit the following:

The cock is loaded with nerve endings. Especially the glans.

The harder it gets, the more nerve endings are pushed to the surface, the more exposed they are, the more we feel.

Since Hilary didn't deluge our valley, tt appears the universe decided it would make up for it. Extremely heavy rains on Friday and Saturday flooded out many areas. Because the ground is so hard and impermeable, water levels rose and seeped up under the walls to soak our dining room.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh noooo.
Not water seeping in. Fuck. I'm telling you, these weather events are getting more and more fucked up.
Also, an orgasm with a soft-on is fab, too.


Victorian Barbarian said...

With respect to your theory about nerves and blood flow:
Based on the changes I’ve noticed as I’ve aged, I have to consider that the increased blood flow during an erection is something very different from the feelings associated with ejaculation and orgasm, however much these things are all working together during sexual performance. When erections are not as frequent, or even difficult to achieve in general, if one relaxes and doesn’t become anxious about what it might be leading to, one can concentrate of the fact that it’s just so good to have an erection occur as part of one’s ongoing experience of life.
The flow of blood through a penis feels good; in fact, is there any other body part where this is so evidently and demonstrably true? Add to that the good feeling of something passing through the urethra of an engorged penis, whether ejaculate or urine! There is some compensation to be found for the inconvenience of such frequent urination so many of us endure as we age, in remembering that it’s not merely relief from the bladder pressure; but that the act of passing water itself can be pleasant, especially if you’re slightly chubbed out. (How we older guys can ramble on!)
But it would be nice to have some medical confirmation of these theoretical speculations. Any doctors out there?

Big Dude said...

I have suffered from ED for awhile now, but I can still ejaculate. To me, sharing my penis and semen with another male, and having him share his with me (be it manual, oral, or anal) is far warmer and more loving than using a toy.

JeanWM said...

I think mother nature has figured this out pretty well through trial and error over millions of years. It seems we have been given the equipment to maximize our pleasure so that we use it. And we are probably getting the benefit of this much longer than generations did hundreds and thousands of years ago. Treat your body well and you will be rewarded even longer.
Hugs and bisous.

Hot Naked Men said...

I just done it last night, watch my fave porn or frontal naked movie collections, almost one hour and the ejaculation was perfect! I love being a man! Only we can feel the sensation

Hot guys said...

The first few pics are hella awesome... right? đŸ”„đŸ˜›

Xersex said...

I can't ejaculate without an erection.