Monday, December 8, 2014

Bravo; Brava

Well, I am quite late in posting today. I apologize, it simply could not be avoided.
My goodness! the response over the weekend was wonderful!!! I heard from both men and women and the entire spectrum of sexual orientation; one is even a widowed grandmother. Bravo, Guys. Brava, Ladies. And, I am extremely pleased with the honesty of the answers. That's what I am always looking for from you, my Faithful Readers. Honesty must be at the fore of everything here on this blog. How else will people learn about how we men think, what controls our cocks (or, more precisely, how our cocks control us).






Seriously, it's why I started this blog in the first place: To provide honest, accurate information about the male package; how it works - physiologically and sexually, how it responds, and how to keep it in good health.




Yes, I provide photos for both information and entertainment. But, I think they add a certain...proof shall we say...of what I'm writing.


RockHard said...

You're doing a fine job. I peruse other blogs but, yours and enlightenedmale2000 are the two I follow. Check it out. I bet you and Martin would be great friends. I think you two are kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

Great job as always. I too was happy to read all the good comments from others. Wishing you a delicious day. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Your French Patrick said...
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Your French Patrick said...

I came two times, but here we are, no problem, I missed nothing.
Don't worry, my friend, go on and it will be enough.
I wish you a great day with as much bisous as if it was raining bisous.

Anonymous said...

From your widowed grandma: thanks for the comments! So funny since I've been the lurker for ages! My husband had a great body, jogger and 6'3" so never thought I would find naked men so interesting!

You really come in so many different sizes! Fascinating. Who can I tell my new-found knowledge about showers vs growers, ha! Your blog would be as educational for young women as men! I suspect my husband knew all this so maybe the guys out there should ask their partners if they know some of these terms.

SickoRicko said...

I'll take No.5!

Unknown said...

Great, as always! Yes! I'm home again! Hugs, Patrick

O!Daddie said...

Just sayin, but wouldn't it be a lot less pressure and stress for you if you set up your posts a few days ahead? I'm sketched out through year's end, but then again, I ain't got much else to do. ☺☺☺

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I'm so happy you've taken to leaving comments! I do hope you'll continue.

I started the blog because so many people - men and women - knew so little about male genitals. I hope your husband did know about most of these things, and I hope he shared the knowledge with your sons.

Thank you for reading - and thank you for leaving comments. It would be great if you could pick a name to leave at the end of your comments so I can stop referring to Anon. - Pat

whkattk said...

@ RockHard - I may have to do that. Others have suggested his site as well. The more places people - men and women - can get proper, correct information about the male body and what drives our sexual urges, the better!

whkattk said...

Welcome back, my liege! Many great hugs!!!

whkattk said...

@ O!Daddie - I do that sometimes...lately, it's been a crazy, busy time for me.

Xersex said...

happy to make you delected and happy!!!

Xersex said...

happy to make you delected and happy!!!