Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Little Help From a Friend

I must thank you all for the well-wishes. Typing is tough so I shall keep this short. I took a break yesterday, right after leaving a comment with blogger buddy Your French Patrick. Coming back to the computer, the legs gave out (the M.D. can be a sneaky bastard), I stumbled and fell. 
Faithful Reader harry asks if I followed my own advice. I sure did, buddy. No broken bones, but bruises on both legs and sprained the right wrist, and jammed the joints of the fingers on my right hand. 
Faithful Readers and blogger buddies Lord Patrick and Queer Heaven ask if I can still jack off. I can stroke with my left, but cumming has always been accomplished with the right.
Well, the hand is not in a cast, but no whacking off for me  -  now is the time I wish I still had my old AccuJac. Or a FleshJack. 
Or, as Faithful Reader Jean suggests, it is time for someone to help me out...

Any volunteers?


Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be over to lend you a helping hand. Heal up quickly buddy. Hugs and Stokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Bummer about your hand! One of those FleshJack's would be very handy right about now!

Queer Heaven said...

If I could..I would join AOM and help you out with cumming.

Xersex said...

I know you've such an openminded wife, so she'll be happy to hepl you to enjoy sex! I'm a volunteer for a blowjob with final cum swallowing!

Your French Patrick said...

Obviously, I am a volunteer!!!
As well if your hand is broken or not, and 365 days a year.
Do you expect somebody to believe that you did not know it yet?

I see that you do not miss volunteers, but I do not see how you could use more than three at a time, one who masturbates your rod, one which stimulates your testes by titillating them, and possibly a third that tickles your prostate with a finger in your anus.

You'll must choose among the candidates, but it is better that they are numerous if it lasts, what I do not wish you.

What is unfortunate is that you miss an opportunity to become ambidextrous.

If you had been lucky enough to have read "Big Wack Attack" you would know that there are other means to masturbate with no hands and without sex toy, for example by rubbing our sex, prone on our mattresses.

For the rest, we will discuss head to head in order to preserve the chaste character of your blog foremost scientist.

Wishing you once more a quick recovery with as less pain as possible and a wondrous day with a lot of bisous.

Also a better year 2015, in the event that I would not be free tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Wish I lived closer! But I'm sure you will find a way! "Where there's a Will there's a way"! Sorry but can't find Will at present! Go on! At least smile for me! Hugs, Patrick I've got a very special for New Year! More hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

I always know if I am still flexible enough if I can paint my toenails. Maybe this can be your test for flexibility.

Better yet a New Year's Resolution to improve your flexibility! I know I've see you guys demonstrating just that somewhere.... Jean

Unknown said...

If your were in NY buddy, I'd help you in a heartbeat. Hope you feel better :)

whkattk said...

Thank you so very much to all of you!!

Yes, Jean, at one point in my life I was flexible enough to do just that: I could get about halfway down the shaft; alas! it is no more.

I'm sure my wife will be more than happy to accommodate my boner this night. Happy New Year, all!