Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Daily Cum

Happy New Year to all my followers, especially my special Blogger Buddies, and those who always leave comments. Without you Big Whack Attack wouldn't be worth doing!
From Faithful Reader Jean comes this new report on the prevention of Prostate Cancer. This research done by Harvard Medical School, and reported to the American Urological Society in May at a gathering in New Orleans, found that a daily ejaculation reduces prostate cancer by a whopping 22%!
"It has previously been suggested that regular orgasms may flush out cancer-causing chemicals in the prostate. The new theory here is that if sperm is regularly cleaned out to allow new cells to develop, it helps stop the build-up of old cells that might be more likely to turn cancerous."

The study followed about 32,000 men for 18 years, and found that only 3,800 had developed prostate cancer. The men were asked about the frequency of ejaculation in the age ranges of 20 - 29, 40 - 49, and found the more frequently a man ejaculated the lower the risk during these points in time. Even after they adjusted for lifestyle, diet, and family history of prostate cancer.
The causes of Prostate Cancer are largely unknown, but the longer we live the chances increase dramatically. So, men, take the advice of the doctors.
Cum daily.















I shall be absent until Monday, but I'll schedule some Eye Candy for tomorrow.


Not Alone said...

Yes Sir!

Mistress Maddie said...

That las GIF looks like me .....a shooting star! I wish and yours a very Happy and Pleasant New Year!!!! It s been great fun getting to know you and I thank you for always stopping in. Its a joy to read your comments. Have a Great new year and fabulous weekend!

Mark Greene said...

Happy New Year my Whack Buddie ! :-)
Have a blessed year.


Anonymous said...

Woooooo Gallons of Cum! So nice to know I've been practicing healthy habits of cumming at least once a day! Thanks for all you do for us, bro. You are a treasure. Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year. Huggin' and Stroking you in Spirit, AOM

Unknown said...

Enjoy your New Year! May 2016 be all that you hope it to be! Hugs, Patrick

Your French Patrick said...

Every day, I don't know, but I know for a long time that the ejaculation reduces the risks of prostate cancer.
I think that these ladies are here for purely tourist motivations, the women having no prostate. Some people think that the glands of Skène are the equivalent of the feminine prostate, but in any case the women never have a prostate cancer.
It's with a lot of bisous that, unfortunately, I cannot give you under the mistletoe, that I wish you all that you wish for yourself before our dive in the unknown of 2016. May it be better than 2015.

SteveXS said...

Have a happy and VERY HEALTHY new year doing all the exercises you share with us on this great blog!

SickoRicko said...

Another terrific post!

Xersex said...

about illness, listen to my case:

the last time I fell ill was late last August. I believe that I have to thank also the treatment of that I practice every week, trying to swallow cum at my sex club, where I go every SunGAY afternoon. I'm not jocking!

Tex said...

My doctor told me a long time ago that to keep the male parts in good working order you should have at least two ejaculations a week. I've been faithfully complying ever since.

hot guy with abs said...

It's a celebration!! :) :) :)