Thursday, December 17, 2015

Airing Out the Balls

So, to back up a bit, I've noticed more and more guys in the Men's Rooms standing at the urinal with their pants at least partially down, and I've certainly wondered why.
Personally, I haul everything out.
Clearing all the way from behind and under the balls helps keep that last drop from ending up in my pants.
Then, a couple weeks ago, my wife decided to watch some new show she'd heard the women at the office talking about. At one point, the female star of the show takes home a random guy for sex. As she gets him undressed and onto the bed, she stops. She tells him his balls smell "funky," she asks why he doesn't bother to air them out once in a while during the day, and then tells him to leave.
We can't detect the funk ourselves - unless it is truly strong. Perhaps we should follow the good example.

Last week, I walked into the restroom to see a dude standing there with his pants down around his ankles, taking a whizz. At the risk of getting punched, while I'm pissing I kept looking over at his bared ass. When he smiled and nodded, I grabbed my chance and asked. "Dude,..."
"To air everything out, man. Otherwise, it gets a little funky smelling, you know?" he said, as he shook his dick. Then he cleared from up under his nuts, shook a few times, pulled up the pants, stuffed everything back in, and went on his way.

So, what do you guys do when you whizz? Cock only?


The whole package
Or, pants down; either partial

or all the way?


16 (for Gregg)


Xersex said...

love the images

Unknown said...

Public - just the cock! Home - well! Use your imagination!

Your French Patrick said...

As regards the last drop, there's nothing like half a sheet of toilet paper.
I hope that your shopping did not reduce you to poverty from a financial standpoint and that they are not too exhausting. Buy nothing for me, you give me enough gifts day after day all year long.
I wish you a wondrous day, darling, and I send you a lot of bisous... drop by drop, (and these drops need no toilet paper).

Anonymous said...

Completely open the front with the underwear ban below my balls - the back of my pants are always still up around my waist. If I'm wearing shorts I sometimes just pull my cock out through one of the legging. Wishing you a bonerfic day, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Queer Heaven said...

This is very interesting! Often here on Miami Beach in the public restrooms some guys do drop their pants to their ankles. I always thought that was because this town is so full of Gay guys and they were looking for some "action" Me? I usually just pull Da Dick out and do the pissing.

Mistress Maddie said...

You know I have wondered this before, so thank you for clearing this up. I only haul my cock and balls out. I don't want my pants touching the floor with so many germs on them. Yuck.

Mistress Maddie said...

Ps....i hope your surviving your shopping exhibition!

Jay in Denver said...

Like you I have seen more and more guys standing at the urinal with their pants down, some just a little, others all the way to the floor. I think it is a couple of reason. 1: they are more and more comfortable with what they have and not shy about showing it, and 2: I think that there has been more and more said and many more listening to it, that the rest room is not the cleanest spot in a public place and guys do not want their piss or someone's splashing back on them, so they stand further from the urinal as well as make sure nothing is in the way. As a business traveler with 1,000 ++ restroom visits in airports world wide you think you have seen it all and now you see men of all ages standing there with their cock on display while they piss. I also see an increased number of men not putting their junk away before they leave the urinal and turning around showing off in front of other men, again all positive to me. I would really like to think we have changed some out dated thoughts and guys are more and more accepting of what they have and don't mind if other men see it. I think it is great and there should be a movement to get more men to stand with their pants lowered.

SickoRicko said...

The whole package here.

Anonymous said...

When in a public bathroom, the whole package, but with my pants still up around my waist. But at home, I always drop everything down to my ankles.

I must admit that I'd instantly get wood if I walked into a public bathroom and saw a guy standing at a urinal with his pants completely down around his ankles. And if I could, I'd stand directly beside him to get a better view.

whkattk said...

@ Jay - You know, now that you mention it, I've seen a lot of guys lately doing that same thing...not putting the cock away before turning from the urinal. I admit, I've done the same thing - but usually because there's a line of dudes waiting to piss, so I get out of the way as quickly as I can, though I am already stuffing my cock in. There's nothing worse than standing in a line thinking, "Dude! Hurry the fuck up, I'm about to piss my pants."