Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Machismo? Or Shame?

So, I think I want to follow up on a post from a week or two ago that broached the subject of etiquette in the Men's Room. Beside the "buffer zone"
we guys have other unwritten rules, but we need to lighten up. 
It used to be if I thought someone was looking at me, I couldn't piss - not a drop! No matter how badly I needed to. Now, of course, I can let loose no matter how many guys are in there, even if the place is so crowded guys are sharing stalls and urinals,

even using the sinks and trash cans (I've seen it happen).


The Internet is chock-full of lists; some are funny, some are downright ridiculous in their rhetoric - like the ones who claim you're a pervert if you turn to see who has just walked in. Not only are we supposed to leave a minimum of one urinal between us when we go in, we are never to look at the other dude(s). Eyes straight ahead, staring at the wall.

 Or, eyes down
But it is ludicrous to think we don't check each other out. Furtive glances happen. We all do it. Yes, Straight dudes, you can admit it - you look. 
Because you can't help yourselves. It's natural, it's a base instinct.
The other rule? We've all passed by the women's restroom and heard all the chatter going on. But for guys? This is a big no-no
Absolutely no talking! None of this while you're standing there with your dick in your hand. 
To pretend the other dudes aren't there is rather silly.
So, what makes us follow such "rules"?
Is it machismo attitudes?
Or is it total shame?

What do you think?


Queer Heaven said...

These old "rules" are so funny. Where did they come from?
When I was a kid and would go into a men's room with my dad...the men were always talking to each other.

Your French Patrick said...

As for me, there is no whizz hard even with the intervention of a wizard.
That inspires me enormously: almost as much as if I was seeing them brushing their teeth or scratching their skulls.

I wish you a wondrous day, darling ch>éri, with a lot of bisous.

Unknown said...

Not sure why this routine has evolved the way it has! But who is ever going to change it? Paul left comments on my blog!

Xersex said...

Sure we look! It's natural!

Mistress Maddie said...

I don't think I have ever given it any thought. I just go in, pee where available, and leave. But can not drop pants like these guys. I don't want the germs from the floor getting on my pants.

SickoRicko said...

It's a strange situation all right.

JeanWM said...

Ha, what could I possibly offer? We don't have any rules I can think of maybe because we DO have stalls.
I think many men are so phobic of showing any interest in another man, for any reason. Probably because of generations of punishment and death. That would put a chill on anyone!

Anonymous said...

Straight guy here. I look. Always. I'm curious about my own dick, and so curious about the guy next to me as well - and from experience, all straight guys try to get a glance as well, even if its in the corner of their eye. I smile politely, and many a time will get a smile and a glance back. Guys, young and old, straight and gay, married, single, dads - we are all curious, and there is nothing wrong with that! I say, flaunt what God gave you!! Thank you for an AWESOME read once again!!

that one guy said...

Where I work, we all go on break at the same time, so it's like intermission at a concert: the rest rooms are deserted (presumably), then they're crowded & busy for 15 minutes, then deserted again. There are two urinals and two stalls for about 40 guys, ranging in age from about 24 to late 60's. The urinals have those cursed "modesty panels," which is too bad; but on the other hand it's just as well since I would probably have gained a reputation as a pervert by now. On the other other hand, maybe I would know who my fellow perverts are by now :) But the point is, you usually don't have a choice about standing next to somebody. It's usually crowded and a little raucous, and there is usually conversation happening between guys who have their dicks in their hands, or between them and the guys who are waiting behind them. It's kind of like a locker room: normally, you might be embarrassed to be caught naked in the shower, but if everyone around you is doing it too, then it stops being a big deal.

Anyway, there is a workaround I've discovered. The first stall is next to the second urinal. The partition doesn't go all the way to the wall, and the wall tiles are shiny ceramic. If you stand in the right place, the angle of reflection lets you see the cock of whoever is pissing next door. Of course if you're standing at the urinal you have to be careful not to be too obvious or someone might figure out what you're doing; but if you take the stall because the urinals are occupied (or if you pretend to be modest enough that you don't want to stand next to the guy at urinal #2), you can bob & weave and do whatever you need to do to figure out what's hanging next to you. I have been able to see a number of dicks of guys whose dicks I would normally never catch a glimpse of. It's fun knowing who's cut and who's not, who has a two-incher and who has a baseball bat. I haven't seen every single one, but I'm working on my mental catalogue :)

that one guy said...

Oh, and another thing: the pictures of the guys standing at urinals with their pants all the way down are fun, but we should keep in mind that nobody does that. In fact, I saw a story on TV about a developmentally disabled man who was arrested for lewd behavior in a rest room because he'd done that when he went to urinate: it turned out he had been taught to do it that way by women as a little boy, and the world of nursing & caregiving is overwhelmingly female, so no one had ever taught him about keeping his pants up. Once he was an adult, it was just a matter of time until somebody got freaked out. Kind of a sad side-comment on the lack of male role models in the nurturing professions.

(That reminds me: I have a friend who was raised by two moms -- his parents divorced when he was small, and his mother has a female partner -- and he was taught that when you get up to pee in the middle of the night, you do it sitting down so you don't have to turn on the light. He casually mentioned it once, and had no idea that all guys don't do it this way.)

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - What an awful thing to have happen - especially to a mentally disabled guy. I hope the more common the practice becomes, as men figure out they need to air things out during the day, the less chance of it being labeled "lewd behavior" to have your ass bared in a men's room.

whkattk said...

@ Jason - Thank YOU for leaving a comment. It's important that more and more straight men come around to being comfortable in their manhood, and proud of it instead of ashamed.