Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Brighten Your Wednesday


Good morning. I hope you've all been having a good week.

Maybe a few Weird Headlines will brighten your Wednesday.


Mistress Maddie said...

Sigh....I miss a good glory hole.

SickoRicko said...

You're an excellent weaver.

Your French Patrick said...

A remarkable selection, as always, despite the invasion of too many ladies for my taste.

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.
Have a wondrous day.

JeanWM said...

These were hilarious. “… it wasn’t long, but it was long enough.” Hugs and bisous.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, those headlines! Who writes them???

And that second gentleman! Whoa!


uptonking said...

Thanks for the giggles. Great stuff. Hope all is well, dear. Kizzes.

Xersex said...

New England: link between oral sex and throat cancer?
Sorry but I can't believe it!

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - Well, not exactly caused by oral sex.... HPV is the cause of the mouth and throat cancer, which is spread through oral sex.