Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A Mystery


"I'd be interested to see what you can find about this subject, and I'm guessing Whack Attack readers might, too. I always get helpful info here from you and fellow readers.

I've heard men express that they're horny or need to ejaculate by saying that their "balls are full". But that's not a thing, is it?

I understand the feelings of urgency and need and sexual desire. I know what it's like to go past that point and have "blue balls" when the testicles ache. But does cum really collect in the balls or the ballsack? It seems like semen would build up in the prostate, and sperm cells in the testes. Do the balls fill up? What do you think this means?"

I have to admit, it's a medical mystery. All kinds of articles about Blue Balls, about ejaculation, about prostate, about balls in general. But none seem to tell us if "full balls" is literally correct.

Testicles produce about 1500 sperm per second. Seminal fluid provides those new sperm cells with nutrients until they are fully mature (have developed the head and complete motility) and are ready to be expelled. The process can take anywhere from 64 - 72 days. Sperm is moved out of the testicles and into the Epididymis as the Cremaster Muscles squeeze down on and lift the balls during ejaculation.

So, is it possible that if a guy doesn't cum that the sperm cells can build up in the balls and that they can get full? While I can't find any medical article addressing this, I would think so. I would think that the heavy sensation we have when we feel "horny" is the balls telling us it's time to move things along. That's where guys get the "My balls are full."

But that's complete conjecture on my part.


SickoRicko said...

I must be an exception. My depression has totally suppressed my libido. Jerry and I haven't had sex for about a year. I haven't even masturbated during that time and my balls do not feel full.

Your French Patrick said...

I think that cum really collect in the balls and not in the ballsack. We can have have "blue balls" and not have "blue ballsack".

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Mistress Maddie said...

I think your probably right. It very rare for me not to jack off, but in the past it has happened from over work and too tire to do it. Once after four days, the balls did feel very full and I felt that "hurting" feeling.

What a shot an mess that was. I'm almost always a twice a day jacker since then.

uptonking said...

It's simply an expression. What we don't use is reabsorbed by our body. It's fluid. So, we can't get full and it has nothing to do with the testicles. LOL. Like our ball sack is going to explode? :)

JiEL said...

As I've written here on that matter, balls being full and have the urge to be empty is a myth.

I had a vasectomy in 1982 and the surgery had cut my vas deferens canal that lead the sperm to the the seminal gland. It was also attached so no sperm can go further.
NEVER did I have those «blue balls» as mentionned here.

The doctor told me that the spermatozoids would be eliminated by my testies in another way but not such thing as testies being swolen or else.

So, the urge to ejaculate for me comes more from the seminal vesicle that needs to get its liquid to go out.
Also, the brain is to be consider as we have sexual urges coming from him.

Many other sensations and sexual needs may trigger the urge to ejaculate.

Hope this will help your reader.

Rad said...

Please correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding was that if you don't cum for a long time, the body will naturally evacuate the built up sperm when you take a piss. Of course, that does nothing for prostate health...

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia:

"Blue balls (also known as lover's nuts) is slang for an uncomfortable testicular sensation that can occur during a state of male sexual arousal. Most often it describes a temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles, caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male without ejaculation."

Nocturnal emission is the body getting rid of old and excess semen, if not otherwise released through ejaculation. During nocturnal emission there are all the physical effects of arousal, including a mild temporary fluid congestion that is alleviated quickly through ejaculation before it gets to the point of "Blue Balls". Therefore, "Full Balls" could be similar to nocturnal emission but well before the point that the body auto-triggers arousal and is also due to fluid congestion.

Spermatozoa are so small that I doubt it is due to the pressure of them, but more to do with congestion of the spermatic fluid through arousal. If arousal is not resolved with ejaculation, there is the potential for the congestion to lead to "Blue Balls".

Anonymous said...

The pain from being aroused for a long time is felt in the testes. There are in fact several glands which contribute fluid.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I have no idea, to tell you the truth.
Also, 64-72 days? Who knew?


whkattk said...

@ Six - I didn't until I started looking into this for this guy. I guess it proves this old guy can learn new things. XOXO

Anonymous said...

I think there is a fairly new term for blue balls now: epididymal hypertension (EH), according to a peer reviewed paper published in 2000. Everything is not known about this topic, according to the paper....no surprise there.

However, they are fairly sure the discomfort is not sperm backing up, but theorize it is the vasocongestion of the epididymis that lies on top of each testicle. During prolonged sexual arousal (or even the body's prolonged anticipation of coming sexual release that doesn't occur), the epididymis remains hyperexcited and swollen, which current theory suggests will eventually lead to the discomfort, because release is anticipated by the body but never occurs.

As one reader pointed out, the brain plays a big role here too. The brain is wired to release semen upon arousal and when that doesn't happen, the brain may continue (for a period of time) sending out the signals to keep at it until it happens. The longer the arousal with no release, the more likely the epididymis will remain hyperexcited and contribute to the discomfort..

Similarly, those that have experienced blue balls after abstaining for a period of time that is unusual for them, your conditioned brain says, "Hey....it's time buddy...let's go!."

Conversely, those who practice continual cum denial are conditioning the brain that no release will be coming. Therefore the blue balls discomfort may not happen.

Xersex said...

Sorry, I have no idea!

Anonymous said...

I was wrong in what I said earlier as I had difficulty putting my thoughts into words.

Vasocongestion is about tissues filling with blood due to increased vascular blood flow and localised pressure, which can be caused by sexual arousal. Ejaculation reverses this process in the genitals so they return to normal. What I was trying to say is that arousal causes vasocongestion of the testes and the greater the arousal, the greater the congestion. Full Balls is when there is only enough arousal to be aware of the congestion, but this is resolved with ejaculation. Blue Balls is when the congestion is allowed to build up to high levels for long periods of time without resolution through ejaculation. The "blue" aspect may be because the build-up of blood in the testes starts to become obvious as our veins look blue and more prominent when congested. I think it is the testical equivalent of the penile veins becoming more prominent during erection through arousal, which is also caused by vasocongestion.

BatRedneck said...

IMHO JiEL explained it all very well. Very accurately.

Anonymous said...

OK! the following is info that i got from a page in the JackinWorld Library 'Semen Production and Ejaculation' : Sperms are produced in the testicles, then they go to the epididymis which is on the outside of the testicles to finish maturing. Once fully mature, they move along the vas deferens (which are the tubes that get cut and tied in a vasectomy operation) to the two ampulla at the base of the penis where the sperm is stored ready for ejaculation.

Pre-cum is secreted from the Cowper's Gland, and ejaculation consists of fluids from the seminal vesicles and the prostate which carry the sperms from the ampullae.

So-called "blue balls" is not caused by any build-up or back-up of sperm in the balls. This condition is due to the testicles getting slightly larger as they become congested with blood during sexual arousal, which then becomes painful if kept in that state for too long.