Monday, October 2, 2023

Banned Book Week / Monday Funnies


Good morning!

Today begins Banned Book Week

Get a banned book and read it.

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Friday, September 29, 2023


A comment from a reader on yesterday's post:

"We still haven't heard if the bendy dick or the pump in the balls thing works.

Surely someone must have had the procedure done. Is it worth it? How much does it cost? How reliable is it? Is malfunction a major problem? Does it affect cumming? Do you like it? Would you do it again? All the reasons for the problem doesn't help much - I'd like some solutions."

The semirigid does very well, even for penetrative sex if there is enough lube. They do not fail in the same way the inflatable ones do. The inflatable ones have come a long way in recent years and have only an 11% failure rate. Cost on either one will depend upon the surgeon and hospital charges. Neither will impede the ability to cum -- so long as there is sufficient sensation on the cock to reach orgasm. Log onto Frank Talk (link in the side bar --->>>) where, according to one comment the other day, there are guys who have and openly discuss their experience with implants. Type "penile implant" into the search bar at the top. There are 2091 responses.


"I wrote in about two weeks ago about spending the weekend jerking off while my wife was gone. You all told me there was nothing wrong with it. When she aske me what I did I thought she'd be really pissed but I finally fessed up. You know what she said? She said, you want to jerk off, jerk off. You don't need my permission to play with what's yours. How wild is that??"

Rather than "wild," I'd say good for her and great for you. You have a wife who seems to understand that guys jack off. A lot. It's normal. It's natural. It's the most common sexual activity there is.

Now I'm going to suggest that you include her once in a while. Couples masturbating with and for one another is a common assignment within marriage and sexual counseling. I think you both may be amazed at what you can learn from watching each other.

Now, go have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

One More


If you can stand one more post about implants...

Faithful Reader Demian left a message on Tuesday's post which I think deserves its own post. There's important information worth sharing for anyone who is facing the early stages of ED.

"It's important to clarify that the term 'valves' in penis erection refers to blood flow mechanisms, not actual valves like in the heart or veins.

Erection involves a complex interplay of physiological and psychological factors. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is when a person struggles to achieve or maintain a sufficient erection for sexual activity.

Factors contributing to poor erection function:

1. **Blood flow issues**: Proper blood flow is crucial. Conditions like atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, or injury can impede blood flow to the penis.

2. **Neurological issues**: Conditions affecting nerve signals between the brain and penis, e.g., multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, or spinal cord injuries, can cause problems.

3. **Hormonal imbalances**: Low testosterone or other hormonal imbalances can affect erections.

4. **Psychological factors**: Stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or performance anxiety can contribute to ED.

5. **Lifestyle factors**: Smoking, excessive alcohol, lack of exercise, poor diet, and obesity can all contribute.

To address ED:

- **Consult a healthcare professional**: Thorough evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment options.

- **Lifestyle changes**: Exercise, balanced diet, limited alcohol, no smoking.

- **Medical treatments**: Medications like sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), or vardenafil (Levitra) to increase blood flow; hormone replacement therapy if needed.

- **Psychotherapy**: Counseling to address psychological factors.

- **Vacuum erection devices**: Non-invasive devices aiding blood flow to the penis.

- **Penile implants**: A last resort surgical option.

Alternative approaches:

- **Acupuncture**: Thin needle insertion at specific points may improve sexual function.

- **Herbal supplements**: Limited evidence on herbs like ginseng, horny goat weed, and L-arginine.

- **Yoga and meditation**: Reduce stress and anxiety, potentially enhancing sexual function.

- **Diet and nutrition**: Healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins; certain supplements like DHEA or zinc.

- **Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels)**: Strengthen muscles for better blood flow and control.

- **Aromatherapy**: Essential oils like ylang-ylang or rose may reduce stress.

- **Weight management and exercise**: Regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight improve overall health.

- **Mental health counseling**: Address psychological factors like anxiety or depression.

- **Massage therapy**: Promotes relaxation, improves blood circulation.

- **Biofeedback**: Gain awareness and control over physiological functions involved in erections."

File that under 

"The More You Know"

Thank you, Demian.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Whichever Route


Good morning.

Some very good answers to yesterday's question about implants. I had forgotten about the issues with the inflatable version that several readers mentioned. I did a teensy bit of research and found that great strides have been made over the years (as Faithful reader Jean pointed out) and the failure rate is about 11%. Some of that is due to fluid leakage - which does require additional surgery to repair. The semirigid has no reported failure incidents; none that I could find, anyway.

I had a step-brother who had the semirigid implant many years ago after being in a rollover car accident that left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. 

He was quite happy with it - it was always there when he wanted it. "No muss, no fuss" as he used to say.

Whichever route the questioner takes, I hope that his choice serves him well.